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    Youth Charter promotion

    South Yorkshire Youth Transport Charter 

    What is the charter? Our commitments Who's involved? What we want you to do  

    What is the Young People’s Transport Charter?

    The Young People's Transport Charter aims to bring young people, local operators and South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) closer, so that we can work together to make sure you get the service that meets your needs. 

    The charter explains your roles and responsibilities when using public transport, as well as letting you know what you can expect from travel providers across South Yorkshire. It’s designed to show how everyone can work together to ensure accessible, safe and reliable public transport services which you can use with confidence. We think it’s vital that service providers, SYPTE and local authorities honour this Charter, as young people are the service users of tomorrow and if their experience on public transport is positive, they’re more likely to continue to stay on board.

    This document gives young people, service providers and SYPTE a way to hold each other accountable for what they promise to do. 

    Our commitments 

    The Young People’s Transport Charter (PDF icon PDF 686Kb) sets out key responsibilities and commitments for us all to follow. These include: 

    Education and
    Young People




    Children and
    Young people’s

    Local Council

    Transport service
     providers to support
    education settings to
    help children and
    young people to
    prepare for transitions
    and ITT training  

    transport is a
    environment. Eg
     - Buses to have
     working CCTV

    Ensure good public
    transport services
    are in place  

    appropriately and
    show politeness
    and respect to
    other people
     travelling and
    respect bus

    Help children and
     young people to
    understand their
    right to complain
     and raise concerns

    Provide links for
    parents on how they
    can support children
    and young people to

    Treat children
     and young
    people with
    care and

    Promote equal
    access for children
    and young people
    with disabilities and
     invisible illnesses   

    Always carry and
     scan bus passes
    (if applicable
    to the individual)  

    Ensure children
    and young people’s
    voices are actively
    considered in
     decision making  

    Promote good
    behaviour and
    respect when
    travelling to 
    and  from

     is polite and
    staff are

    Listen to children
    and young people.  

    Contribute to
    keeping transport
    safe eg making
    sure bags are
    safely stored  

    children and young

    Sanctions for
    behaviour on school
    services. Provide
     reward incentives.  

    transport is 
    accessible and


    Update apps and
    papers to make sure
     they include the
    same information,
     including cancelled

    children and young


    Safeguarding children
     and young people. 

    children and
    young people.

    Provide links for
    parents on how they
     can support children
    and young people to





    children and young



    All partners to provide the following  


    Promote passes
    and discounts
    for young people
    to access public

    children and
    young people  

    Ensure the
    Interchange is a safe




    Who's been involved in creating the charter?

    The Youth Transport Charter has been developed by the four South Yorkshire Youth Councils, local authorities, transport operators and SYPTE. 

    What we want people to do?

    Transport providers, SYPTE and the local authorities have already signed up and are committed to following the charter, but we need you to do your bit too. You can help to improve public transport in South Yorkshire by getting your local schools to sign up to the Young People's Transport Charter. 

    If you need any more information about the Charter you can contact your local youth council / cabinet to find out more: 

    Email Barnsley Youth Council 

    Email Doncaster Youth Council 

    Email Rotherham Youth Cabinet 

    Email Sheffield Youth Cabinet 

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