Cemetery Road, Roebuck Road and Hemingfield Road, Hemingfield Road/Jump (Barnsley) -  21/01 to 25/02;

Posted: 19/12/2022 12:30:00

Affected dates: 21/01/2023 to 25/02/2023;

Reason: Road closed

Description: Buses on services 67, 67a, 67c and 662 will be diverted and will not serve Hemingfield/Jump. 67, 67a and 67c will run directly along Dearne Valley Parkway between Hoyland (Wood Walk) and Cortonwood. 662 will be diverted along Roebuck Hill and Dearne Valley Parkway between Jump (Wentworth Road) and Wombwell (Hemingfield Road). Service 66 will run as normal around Hoyland, Jump and Elsecar, serving Church Street and Wentworth Road in Jump. Services 72 and 72a will run as normal through Hemingfield, serving Tingle Bridge Lane, School Street and Hemingfield Road.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
Marsland Travel:  662, Stagecoach Yorkshire:  67, 67a, 67c,
Services using Dearne Valley Parkway in both directions. Unable to Serve Jump or Hemingfield.

Nearest Services
For Jump will be the Service 66 to Church Street/Wentworth Road in Jump.
For Hemingfield Change buses in Hoyland for the Service 72/72A.
Affected stops:
Cemetery Road/Hallsworth Avenue (370050572)
Cemetery Road/Hallsworth Avenue (370050573)
Cemetery Road/Hemingfield Road (370055380)
Cemetery Road/Lady Croft Lane (370055364)
Cemetery Road/Preston Avenue (370050574)
Cemetery Road/Preston Avenue (370050575)
Cemetery Road/Quest Avenue (370051171)
Cemetery Road/Quest Avenue (370055890)
Cemetery Road/Wentworth Road (370050576)
Cemetery Road/Wentworth Road (370050589)
Cemetery Road/Wentworth Road (370055147)