Women's Euro Matches in Rotherham -  10/07; 14/07; 18/07; 23/07;

Posted: 22/06/2022 23:00:00

Affected dates: 10/07/2022; 14/07/2022; 18/07/2022; 23/07/2022;

Reason: Special event

Description: Matches and events for the Women's Football Euros will be taking place in Rotherham on July 10, 14, 18 and 23. As a result bus services on several routes will be affected and buses through the town centre and towards the Stadium will need to divert following diversions posted on the day. Closures around the Stadium will take place on New York Way, Don Street, Brinsworth Street and Main Street between 0600 and 2300. Closures for the fan zone areas on High Street, Church Street, Upper Millgate, College Street, Howard Street, Effingham Street, Bridgegate, New Zealand, and Market Street will be approx 1000 to 2000, closures for the fan zones parades on Market Street, Market Place, Westgate, Corporation Street, Moorgate Street, Ship Hill, The Crofts, Domine Lane, Main Street, Mansfield Road, Grove Road, Wilfred Street, Downs Row will be approx 1715 to 1900. Your journey may be affected at these times.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
First South Yorkshire:  110, 135, 137, 26, 27, 29, x10, x1, First South Yorkshire, Stagecoach Yorkshire:  136, Stagecoach East Midlands:  19, 19a, TM Travel:  20, 29a,
Travel on other dates/times if possible, or use stops in the interchange or make alternative arrangements.
Affected stops:
Baker Street/Moorgate (370031256)
Baker Street/Oakwood Hall Drive (370031242)
Broom Lane/Broom Avenue (370030287)
Broom Lane/East Bawtry Road (370030310)
Broom Lane/East Bawtry Road (370035324)
Broom Lane/Spinneyfield (370030286)
Broom Lane/Stag Lane (370030274)
Broom Lane/Stag Lane (370030275)
Corporation Street/Bridge Street (370036082)
Corporation Street/Market Street (370035761)
Main Street/Don Street (370036037)
Main Street/The Statutes (370035956)
Masbrough Street/John Street (370030872)
Masbrough Street/Station Road (370030871)
Moorgate Road/Boston Castle Grove (370030618)
Moorgate Road/Brunswick Road (370030620)
Moorgate Road/Brunswick Road (370035322)
Moorgate Road/Godstone Road (370030481)
Moorgate Road/Heather Close (370030619)
Moorgate Road/Moorgate Chase (370030617)
Moorgate Road/Nightingale Close (370030482)
Moorgate Road/Oakwood Road West (370035007)
Moorgate Road/Reneville Road (370030480)
Moorgate Road/Sitwell Drive (370030613)
Moorgate Road/Sitwell Grove (370030306)
Moorgate Road/Sitwell Grove (370035420)
Moorgate Road/Sitwell Vale (370030621)
Moorgate Road/Whiston Grange (370030304)
Moorgate Road/Whiston Grange (370030305)
Moorgate Street/Ship Hill (370030495)
Rotherham Interchange (370070004)
Rotherham Interchange/A1 (370010070)
Rotherham Interchange/A6 (370010075)
Rotherham Interchange/A7 (370010076)
Rotherham Interchange/A8 (370010077)
Rotherham Interchange/A9 (370010160)
Rotherham Interchange/B1 (370010078)
Rotherham Interchange/B4 (370010081)
Rotherham Interchange/B7 (370010084)
Rotherham Interchange/C4 (370010088)
Sheffield Road/Westgate (370030502)
Sheffield Road/Westgate (370030503)
Westgate/Main Street (370030493)
Westgate/Unity Place (370030494)