Birley Moor Road (Sheffield) -  22/06 onwards

Posted: 22/06/2022 23:00:00

Affected dates: 22/06/2022 onwards

Reason: Congestion

Description: Unable to turn between Birley Moor Road & Silkstone Road due the City Fibre road works blocking the road to large vehicles.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
First South Yorkshire:  41,
41 Service  Until further notice (at all times)
Unable to turn between Birley Moor Road & Silkstone Road due the City Fibre road works blocking the road to large vehicles.
OUTBOUND services diverted up Birley Moor Road, left at brow of the hill down Linley Lane, right at the end on Normanton Spring Hill, right (before the roundabout) onto Dyke Vale Road to the terminus.
INBOUND services will depart the terminus, turning right as normal onto Silkstone Road, but then divert right onto Wickfield Road, left at the end onto Dyke Vale Road, left at the end onto Normanton Spring Hill, left onto Linley Lane, then right at the top onto Birley Moor Road.
These works are expected to last until Monday 4th July.
Affected stops:
Arundel Gate/AG1 (370023715)
Arundel Gate/Charles Street Cs4 (370027564)
Birley Moor Road/Birley Vale Avenue (370027512)
Birley Moor Road/Hopefield Avenue (370022324)
Birley Moor Road/Hopefield Avenue (370022325)
Birley Moor Road/Wardlow Road (370027506)
Charlotte Road/Priestley Street (370020011)
Charlotte Road/Queens Road (370020012)
Charlotte Road/Shoreham Street (370023592)
City Road/Eastern Avenue (370023046)
City Road/Eastern Avenue (370023211)
City Road/Elm Tree (370022599)
Dyke Vale Road/Spa Brook Drive (370021597)
East Bank Road/Daresbury Road (370022648)
East Bank Road/Eastern Crescent (370022647)
East Bank Road/Hallyburton Road (370022649)
East Bank Road/Hallyburton Road (370023196)
East Bank Road/Myrtle Road (370023065)
East Bank Road/Myrtle Road (370023195)
East Bank Road/Thornborough Road (370023193)
East Bank Road/Thornborough Road (370023194)
East Road/Heeley Bank Road (370020013)
Eastern Avenue/Algar Drive (370027565)
Eastern Avenue/Algar Road (370027566)
Eastern Avenue/Berners Road (370023210)
Eastern Avenue/City Road (370026756)
Eastern Avenue/Dagnam Road (370023887)
Eastern Avenue/Eastern Crescent (370022645)
Eastern Avenue/Eastern Drive (370022646)
Eastern Avenue/Edenhall Road (370023886)
Eastern Avenue/Errington Road (370027567)
Eastern Avenue/Northern Avenue (370027004)
Eyre Street/Cumberland Street (370023164)
Eyre Street/Matilda Street (370023167)
Flat Street/Fitzalan Square (370022788)
Haymarket/CG21 (370022816)
Heeley Bank Road/Olive Grove Road (370023293)
Heeley Bank Road/Olive Grove Road (370023294)
Heeley Bank Road/Spurr Street (370023295)
Mansfield Road/Applegarth Drive (370023846)
Mansfield Road/Cadman Road (370022620)
Mansfield Road/Hollinsend Road (370022625)
Mansfield Road/Hollybank Road (370022621)
Mansfield Road/Mansfield Drive (370022613)
Mansfield Road/Newlands Drive (370022608)
Mansfield Road/Sharrard Road (370022612)
Mansfield Road/Stanhope Road (370022619)
Mansfield Road/Wadsworth Road (370022626)
Mansfield Road/Wadsworth Road (370022629)
Mansfield Road/Woodhouse Road (370022610)
Queens Road/Cream Street (370023101)
Queens Road/Farm Road (370023105)
Sheffield Interchange/A3 (370010113)
Shoreham Street/Clough Road (370023108)
Silkstone Road/Alport Avenue (370021570)
Silkstone Road/Alport Avenue (370021571)
Silkstone Road/Dyke Vale Road (370021567)
Silkstone Road/Silkstone Crescent (370022322)
Silkstone Road/Silkstone Drive (370022323)
Silkstone Road/Wickfield Grove (370021568)
Silkstone Road/Wickfield Grove (370021569)
Suffolk Road/Turner Street (370023089)
Wickfield Road/Dyke Vale Road (370021594)
Wickfield Road/Silkstone Road (370021564)