Your new Zoom Beyond 18-21 Travel Pass

Good news! We’ve sent out new Zoom Beyond 18-21 Travel Passes and they’ll arrive shortly – if you’re still eligible for a pass, keep an eye on the letterbox!

While you’re waiting for your new one to arrive, you can still use your current pass until the end of service on Sunday 26 June. Just show the driver or conductor your Zoom Beyond 18-21 Travel Pass to continue to travel for 80p on buses and trams across South Yorkshire.

If you haven’t received your new Zoom Beyond 18-21 Travel Pass in the next few days, there could be a problem with your pass renewal, or it might mean you’re no longer eligible. You can log on to your MyTSY account to check whether we’ve automatically issued your new pass – if we haven’t and you’re still eligible, you can apply for one manually.

If you have any other questions about this process, please call our Traveline team on 01709 515151.

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