Make Doncaster home of Great British Railways HQ

A competition to provide the national home for the new organisation to run the railways, Great British Railways (GBR), has been announced and over 40 towns and cities across the country have submitted a bid for it.

The Government has said that the location must be outside of London to bring jobs and investment opportunities and support levelling up in another part of the country. Other criteria include that places bidding should have a rich railway history, are strongly linked to the network, have good connectivity, be able to offer value for money and be able to demonstrate public support.

Given Doncaster’s historic links with the railways dating back to the 1850s and, as the birthplace of the Mallard and Flying Scotsman, its central position on the East Coast Main Line and its air, rail and road links, the town considers that it is ideally placed to host the headquarters of GBR. 

In addition, Doncaster is arguing that basing the HQ in the town will bring benefits throughout South Yorkshire and to neighbouring areas as it will further underline the strength of the rail industry cluster in the region. This will help to attract further investment and create more jobs directly and through the supply chain required to support the cluster. Through this, and by directly creating highly qualified and high wage jobs on its own, having the HQ will contribute to the levelling up of the region.

Get involved

The public are being urged to get involved to help make Doncaster the home of Great British Railways by commenting on why they think the HQ should be based in Doncaster through a short survey.

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