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Traveline is Travel South Yorkshire’s transport helpline. 

How we can help you 

The Travel South Yorkshire contact centre team are here to help you. Speak to one of our friendly, professional advisors for up-to-date, reliable, personal travel advice and journey planning information. 

We can also help you with:

  • live departure information
  • ticket and pass information

Accessibility - we offer the following support services for our customers if required:

Our aims:

  • To answer 82% of calls (over the course of a year)
  • To process online travel pass applications within three days, and paper applications within ten days of receiving them (over the course of a month)

Read our full Customer Charter.

Traveline Contact Centre Performance - January to March (Q4) 2019/20

Call Volumes

The Traveline team were offered a total of 53,732 calls over this three-month period. Of these, the team answered 47,106 calls, helping our customers with journey planning, live departure information, travel pass queries, and lots of other support and advice related to public transport.

Call volumes Q3 2019-20

Percentage of Calls Answered

The Traveline team have an annual target of answering 82% of calls. The percentage answered for January to March was 87.67% - well above target (an excellent performance, although undeniably help by the mild winter experienced across the region).

Calls answered Q3 2019-20

The Traveline team delivered an overall answer rate of 82.64% for the business year 2019/20. As stated above, the annual target was 82% - as such, target achieved! The team are extremely pleased with this outcome, having achieved this level of performance despite some extreme flooding in November and the beginnings of the Covid-19 Crisis in February/March.

Average Waiting Time

On average, our customers had to wait less than a minute and a half from dialling, to when they got to speak to an advisor.

Call waiting time Q3 2019-20

Number of Travel Pass Applications processed

Over this three-month period, the Traveline team processed 10,013 travel pass applications – 6,443 of these were submitted online via our website. As of mid-March, applying online is now the only method of application available to customers as Travel South Yorkshire has had to adjust its ways of working to fit the current situation with Covid-19 social distancing. You can find out more about our travel passes, and apply online in our Tickets and Passes section.

Pass time Q3 2019-20

Average Application Processing time

Each day, the contact centre team keep track of how long an application has been sat pending, from the moment it arrived in office to the point it is accepted (or rejected) by one of the Traveline team members. Over the period January to March, online applications waited an average of just one day to be processed, whilst the wait for paper applications to be processed was three days on average.

Pass processing time Q3 2019-20

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