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  • What you need for pass applications

    Use this page to find out what documents to send us when applying for a pass, it will mean we can send you your pass quickly. Your application may be rejected if these guidelines are not followed:

    General rules for ALL passes Acceptable Photograph guidelines Disabled Passes (and +Carer)Visually Impaired Person PassesSenior Pass Auto Renewals  

    General rules for ALL passes

    Follow these guidelines before submitting your application. 

    We will then aim to dispatch your pass within 11 days of receiving your completed online application. If you apply by paper we aim to dispatch your pass within 25 days of receiving your completed application form.

    The name of the pass application/account name must match the name on the proof documents

    If you are a parent/guardian applying for a pass on behalf of your child (MegaTravel and 16-18 Travel Passes) then you must create a MyTSY account in the name of the child with a separate email address (not your own email address if it has already been used on your own MyTSY account)

    You must provide full address details – including house number/name, street, postcode

    Your photo must meet the acceptable photo guidelines below 

    You must provide your date of birth

    Proof of identity documents we accept for all passes (see additional guidance for Disabled and Disabled + Carer):

    • Birth certificate – scanned copy or photo of the certificate uploaded
    • NHS Medical Card  - scanned copy or photo of the card uploaded
    • NHS Medical Prescriptions - scanned copy or photo of the prescription uploaded
    • Any other official letter that states your date of birth 
    • Passport identifier – the 28 characters on the bottom line of your passport e.g. 1041211587GBR0205169F1604120
    • Driving licence number.


    Please do not send us the original documents if applying by post – a photocopy is all we need.  Note - all documents (originals and copies) are destroyed once the pass is ordered.

    Unfortunately we can't accept a letter confirming your National Insurance number as proof of identity, as it doesn't state your date of birth. 


    Acceptable Photograph Guidelines

    Your photo must meet the following guidelines:

    Your face should fill ¾ of the photo. You must be facing forward.

    Acceptable photo guide
    Acceptable photo example 1Acceptable photo example 2


    Make sure the photo isn’t too dark

    Photo too dark example

    No half selfies – we need to see your full face

    Photo no half selfies

    No sunglasses

    Photo no sunglasses

    No hats

    Photo no hats

    No one else should be in the picture

    Photo no one else in the picture

    Just your head and shoulders – not full body shots

    Photo no full body length

    No app filters

    Photo No app filters

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    Disabled Passes

    Disabled Pass

    *Your proof of disability document must be recent and dated within six months of your application*

    Documents we accept as proof:


    A letter from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) showing that you have been awarded Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

    Personal Independence Payment (PIP) letter which must state a score of 8 points in either Moving Around or Communicating to qualify for a pass

    Proof that you have been awarded a “Blue Badge”

    We need to see both sides of the blue badge (one side shows your name and photo and the other side has the ‘valid to’ date)

    Proof that you are receiving War Pensioner's Mobility Supplement

    A letter from your local authority confirming that you are entitled to a pass

    A completed Mental Health Transport Concession form signed and stamped by your psychiatrist (Barnsley only).

    ENCTS Disabled Pass + carer

    Disabled Pass + Carer Passes:


    We will issue you with a “with Carer” pass if you qualify as above AND qualify for:

    the Daily Living Component of PIP at the Enhanced Rate, or

    Higher Rate Care Component of DLA, or

    Higher Rate Attendance Allowance, or if

    You have a letter from your local authority confirming that you are entitled to a +Carer pass.

    visual impaired person

    Visually Impaired Person Passes 


    Applying for first time:

    If you are applying for a Visually Impaired Pass for the first time you need to provide one of the following:

    • A letter from your local authority confirming that you are entitled to a visually impaired/partially sighted pass.
    • A letter from Sheffield Royal Society for the blind, or you can contact them and they will apply on your behalf.


    If you already hold a Visually Impaired Person's Pass, and it is due for renewal, we will not need you to submit proof documents again. When it is time to renew your pass please email us at or call us on 01709 515151.

    Disabled Passes are valid until your 66th birthday after which you qualify for a Senior Pass instead.
    Exception: You can retain a Disabled Person's Pass after age 66 if you are:

    a) blind or partially sighted, or
    b) qualify for a "with Carer" Pass.

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    Senior Pass Auto Renewals

    ENCTS Senior Pass

    If your pass expires we will send you a new pass automatically. All you need to do is look out for it landing on your doormat. You can find more information on the Senior Pass Renewals page.

    Your new pass should arrive 4-6 weeks before your current pass expires. If your new travel pass hasn’t arrived 4 weeks before your current pass expires, please let us know by emailing or calling 01709 515151. 

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