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2020 Supertram Rail Replacement Scheme


Supertram rail replacement engineering works are planned to continue from May 2020. The essential works, which began in 2013, will replace a total of 22 kilometers of worn out sections of tram tracks across the Supertram network by 2024. 

We recognise that due to the coronavirus pandemic this is a time of great uncertainty and that you may have concerns about the disruption these works may cause at an already challenging time. We would like to reassure you we will be making every effort to minimise the impact of this work on local residents and tram customers and have work completed as quickly and safely as possible. 

The Supertram network plays a vital role in the life of our city, connecting people to employment, education and leisure activities. These rail replacement works are essential and will ensure that Sheffield continues to benefit from a safe and reliable tram network. This will be more important than ever as we recover from this unprecedented public health crisis.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions document (PDF icon PDF, 184Kb)

Who will be carrying out the works?Planned phases of work for Stage Three (2020)Area 1: Hackenthorpe/Donetsk Way
4 May-5 June
Halfway Park and RideHow are we communicating to customers?Keeping up to date

Who will be carrying out the works?

The work forms part of a three-year programme of rail replacement carried out by our contractor, VolkerRail, which need to take place over the summer months to take advantage of fair-weather conditions.

The works were broken down into three stages:

  • Stage One: May 2018 – September 2018 - COMPLETED
  • Stage Two: April 2019 – August 2019 - COMPLETED
  • Stage Three: May 2020 – September 2020.

This year’s Stage Three works will be split into four areas around the southern sections of the tram network, phased between May and September in order to minimise passenger disruption. VolkerRail will be working 24 hours a day, seven days a week in order to complete and move on from each section of rail as quickly as possible  

Strict controls will be in place to ensure all VolkerRail employees operate under carefully managed conditions, in line with the latest government guidelines for working during the coronavirus pandemic. This will ensure the safety of workers and local residents during these works.

The VolkerRail employees have been designated as key workers by the Government as this rail replacement work is essential for the continued safe running of the Supertram network. 

Planned phases of work for Stage Three (2020)

The proposed dates for the four work areas this year are as follows:

AreaTrack affectedRoutes affectedProposed date

Area 1

Hackenthorpe/Donetsk Way


Monday 4 May – Friday 5 June

Area 2

White Lane and Norton Avenue



Saturday 6 June – Friday 24 July

Area 3

Gleadless Townend/Ridgeway Road and Manor Top/Spring Lane curve



Saturday 25 July – Tuesday 1 September

Area 4

Crystal Peaks bus entrance/Crystal Peaks Office entrance/Elcroft Gardens


Wednesday 2 September – Friday 25 September

The above dates are subject to change should government revise guidelines on working conditions as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and inclement weather.

Area 1: Hackenthorpe/Donetsk Way 4 May - 5 June

Area 1 works for 2020 are planned to start from Monday 4 May to Friday 5 June 2020 in the Hackenthorpe area around Sheffield Road, Donetsk Way and Birley Golf Course, affecting Blue and Purple tram routes. 

VolkerRail will carry out some evening works from Sunday 3 May but these will not impact on tram services.

How will the works affect tram services?

From Monday 4 May, trams will operate as follows:

  • Blue Route will operate between Malin Bridge and Birley Lane only and will run a revised timetable. Birley Moor Road, Hackenthorpe, Donetsk Way, Moss Way, Crystal Peaks, Beighton/Drakehouse Lane, Waterthope Westfield and Halfway tram stops will not be served.

  • Purple Route will operate the normal route between Cathedral and Herdings Park but at a new reduced frequency.

  • Yellow Route and Tram Train are not affected and will operate the current Covid-19 reduced timetable during this time.

Rail replacement Area 1 2020

What are the public transport alternatives?

Monday 4 May – Friday 5 June

From Monday 4 May works will be taking place between Birley Lane and Halfway tram stops. The Blue Route tram will terminate at Birley Lane; therefore, tram stops between Birley Moor Road and Halfway will not be served.

Tickets accepted

To help provide essential travel options to key workers at this time Stagecoach will accept Tram Only tickets on their buses in Sheffield. Please note, the bus must be travelling in areas where the tram runs, and the following conditions apply:

  • Tram Only tickets can only be used to make similar bus journeys to those normally taken on the tram.
  • The ticket is not valid for journeys beyond these areas where the final destination could not be reached by tram.


Halfway Park and Ride

Halfway Park and Ride site will remain open during these works. 

Park and Ride will be FREE whilst these essential works take place. Customers can buy their travel ticket on board.

Halfway Park and Ride free

How is this information being communicated to customers?

Posters will be displayed at affected tram stops, on trams, at Park & Ride sites and information will be available on the Supertram and Travel South Yorkshire web sites. 

SYPTE and VolkerRail will carry out an individual letter drop to local residents directly affected by the works. We will also be providing regular press releases throughout the works, as well as utilising local radio.

Keeping up to date


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