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Rail Replacement Works 2018


Essential engineering works are underway to replace a total of 22 kilometers of worn out sections of tram tracks across the Supertram network by 2024.

The new rail will improve passenger comfort and reduce noise in areas where the track is currently worn.

Who is carrying out the works?Planned areas of workArea 2: Birley Lane - Halfway
23 June – 8 August
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Who is carrying out the works?

VolkerRail has once again been successful in winning the contract for the next three years of the Rail Replacement project. The works have been broken down into three stages: 

  • Stage One: May 2018 – September 2018
  • Stage Two: Summer 2019 (dates to be confirmed)
  • Stage Three: Summer 2020 (dates to be confirmed).

Each stage will be split into phases covering different sites across the network to minimise passenger disruption. Works on the first phase, Hillsborough – Middlewood started on Saturday 26 May and are planned to be completed by 15 June.

Planned areas of work this year 

The proposed dates are as follows:


Track affected

Routes affected

Proposed Date

Area One

Hillsborough and Middlewood


26 May – 15 June

Area Two

Birley Lane - Halfway


23 June – 8 August 

Area Three

Gleadless Townend – Herdings Park


10 August – 19 August

Area Four

Gleadless Townend – Halfway/Herding Park



25 August – 2 September & 8 - 9 September

Area Five

Donetsk Way - Halfway


10 September – 14 September

    An overview of the works taking place this year is available in the Rail Replacement Works Overview document (PDF icon PDF, 3Mb)

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      Area 2: Birley Lane - Halfway

      Area 2 works will begin on Saturday 23 June between Birley Lane and Halfway and is scheduled for completion on Wednesday 8 August.

        Where will trams operate to and from?

        • Blue route services will run as normal between Malin Bridge and Birley Lane where it will terminate
        • Yellow route services will run as normal between Meadowhall and Middlewood
        • Purple route services will run as normal between Herdings Park and Cathedral

        Halfway Park & Ride

        Halfway Park & Ride will remain open whilst these essential works take place but journey times may be longer. During the works parking at the site will be free. Customers will just need to buy their ticket on board.

        What replacement buses will operate?

        The B2 replacement buses will operate between Birley Lane and Halfway to minimise disruption to passengers as all tram stops between Birley Lane and Halfway will be closed.

        Between Halfway Park & Ride and Moss Way, the B2 bus service will run one, unchanged ‘core’ route for the duration of Area 2 works (Saturday 23 June to Wednesday 8 August).

        Information on roads and other bus services affected will be available on our disruptions page.

        Key information for Area 2:

        PDF icon Area 2 information leaflet (PDF, 2174kb)

        Rail replacement bus information maps:

        Core Route: Halfway Park and Ride to Moss Way - Saturday 23 June to Wednesday 8 August

        Area 2 Core Route: Halfway Park and Ride to Moss Way

        Between Moss Way and Birley Lane, buses will run one of four diversion routes due to road closures whilst the works take place on Birley Lane, Sheffield Road and Donetsk Way. Regrettably, this will mean that the B2 is unable to operate along the tram route and the nearest bus stop for the B2 service.

        The four routes are shown on the following maps along with the dates for each route.

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        Route 1: Birley Lane to Moss Way - 25 June – 6 July

        Area 2 B2 route  25 Jun - 6 Jul

        Route 2: Birley Lane to Moss Way - 23 June – 24 June and 7 July – 11 July 

        Area 2 B2 route 23-24 Jun 7-11 Jul

        Route 3: Birley Lane to Moss Way - 12 July – 20 July and 23 July – 27 July 

        Area 2 B2 route 12-20 Jul and 23-27 Jul

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        Route 4: 21 July – 22 July and 28 July – 8 August

        Area 2 B2 route 4 21-22 Jul and 28 Jul-8 Aug


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        Where can I find more information?

        Up to date information will be published on this page. You can also keep up to date by checking:



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