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Supertram Disruption - Blue and Yellow Routes -  06/02 onwards

Posted: 06/02/2023 09:30:00

Affected dates: 06/02/2023 onwards

Reason: Break down

Description: Due to track damage following a Broken down Tram on West Street. Services suspended between Cathedral and Shalesmoor until Thursday 9th February to allow for repairs. Services subject to alteration/Cancellation

Impact: Very severe

Mode:  Tram
Stagecoach Supertram:  Blue, Yellow,
From Tuesday 7th to Thursday 9th
Blue Route is running between Halfway and Cathedral; No service t/from Malin Bridge.
Yellow Route is running Meadowhall to Cathedral; and University to Middlewood.(20min shuttle service between 0530 and 2330) - Using City Bound Stop at the Unversity.
Purple Route - Normal (Herdings Park to/from City)
Tram Train - Normal (City to/from Rotherham Parkgate)
Tickets are being accepted on First and Stagecoach buses between Shalesmoorand the City Centre.
Affected stops:
Arena/Olympic Legacy Park (9400ZZSYDVS1)
Arena/Olympic Legacy Park (9400ZZSYDVS2)
Attercliffe (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYATT1)
Attercliffe (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYATT2)
Bamforth Street (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYBAM1)
Bamforth Street (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYBAM2)
Carbrook (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYCRB1)
Carbrook (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYCRB2)
Castle Square (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYCAS1)
Castle Square (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYCAS2)
Cathedral (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYCAT1)
Cathedral (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYCAT2)
City Hall (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYCYH1)
City Hall (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYCYH2)
Cricket Inn Road (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYCIR1)
Cricket Inn Road (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYCIR2)
Fitzalan Sq - Ponds Forge (S Yorks Supertram) (9400ZZSYFIZ1)
Fitzalan Sq - Ponds Forge (S Yorks Supertram) (9400ZZSYFIZ2)
Hillsborough (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYHIL1)
Hillsborough (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYHIL2)
Hyde Park (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYHYP1)
Hyde Park (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYHYP2)
Infirmary Road (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYINF1)
Infirmary Road (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYINF2)
Langsett - Primrose View (S Yorks Supertram) (9400ZZSYLPH1)
Langsett - Primrose View (S Yorks Supertram) (9400ZZSYLPH2)
Meadowhall Interchange (S Yorks Supertram) (9400ZZSYMHI1)
Meadowhall South - Tinsley (S Yorks Supertram) (9400ZZSYMHS1)
Meadowhall South - Tinsley (S Yorks Supertram) (9400ZZSYMHS2)
Netherthorpe Road (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYNET1)
Netherthorpe Road (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYNET2)
Nunnery Square (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYNUN1)
Shalesmoor (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYSHL1)
Shalesmoor (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYSHL2)
University of Sheffield (S Yorks Supertram) (9400ZZSYUNI1)
University of Sheffield (S Yorks Supertram) (9400ZZSYUNI2)
Valley Centertainment (S Yorks Supertram) (9400ZZSYVEN1)
Valley Centertainment (S Yorks Supertram) (9400ZZSYVEN2)
West Street (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYWTS1)
West Street (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYWTS2)
Woodbourn Road (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYWBN1)
Woodbourn Road (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYWBN2)

Bank End Road and Wroot Road, Blaxton (Doncaster) -  07/02 onwards

Posted: 07/02/2023 07:03:00

Affected dates: 07/02/2023 onwards

Reason: Incident

Description: Due to a fire incident at the crossing with Bank End Road and Wroot Road.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
First South Yorkshire:  57,
Service 57 are diverted as followed towards Finningley normal service to Blaxton roundabout, right on Station Road to terminate at The Green.

Service 57 from Epworth will operate normal service to Haxey, left onto the A161 (Haxey Lane) to Misterton, right onto Gringley Road, at Gringley on the Hill right on to Bawtry Road (A631), right onto Great North Road, right onto Hurst Lane to resume normal service from Hayfield School.
Affected stops:
A161 (227000010238)
Ascot Avenue/Goodwood Gardens (370045178)
Ascot Avenue/Sandown Gardens (370040428)
Ascot Avenue/Sandown Gardens (370045450)
Ascot Avenue/York Gardens (370040429)
Bank End Road/Fiftyeights Road (370046239)
Bank End Road/Hillcroft Road (370040355)
Bank End Road/Wroot Road (370046237)
Bawtry Road/Leger Way (370045449)
Bawtry Road/St Augustines Road (370040434)
Bawtry Road/The Avenue (370040433)
Belle Vue Way/Bawtry Road (370046465)
Bennetthorpe/Alderson Drive (370040721)
Bennetthorpe/Danum Road (370045446)
Bennetthorpe/Leger Way (370041000)
Bennetthorpe/Manor Drive (370045445)
Bennetthorpe/Roman Road (370045442)
Bennetthorpe/Roman Road (370045443)
Bennetthorpe/Sandbeck Road (370040658)
Blow Row (227000010846)
Booth Avenue/Bawtry Road (370046462)
Booth Avenue/Gliwice Way (370046460)
Booth Avenue/Gliwice Way (370046461)
Booth Avenue/The Dome (370046463)
Cantley Lane/Hadley Cross Mews (370040386)
Cantley Lane/School Lane (370040385)
College Road/Cleveland Street (370046361)
Commonside (227000011121)
Doncaster Frenchgate Interchange/A4 (370010241)
Doncaster Frenchgate Interchange/C1 (370010261)
Doncaster Road/Glen Road (370040371)
Doncaster Road/St Vincents Avenue (370040377)
Doncaster Road/St Vincents Avenue (370045185)
Doncaster Road/The Green (370045319)
Doncaster Road/Warning Tongue Lane (370045466)
Doncaster Road/Whiphill Top Lane (370045467)
Everingham Road/Aldesworth Road (370045453)
Everingham Road/Aldesworth Road (370045459)
Everingham Road/Ansten Crescent (370045455)
Everingham Road/Cantley Park (370040396)
Everingham Road/Elmham Road (370045454)
Everingham Road/Green Boulevard (370041006)
Gate House Lane/Hayfield Lane (370040358)
Gate House Lane/Mosham Road (370045317)
Gate House Lane/Spitfire Way (370045953)
Goodison Boulevard/Bolton Hill Road (370040403)
Goodison Boulevard/Bretby Close (370040387)
Goodison Boulevard/Cantley Manor Avenue (370045464)
Goodison Boulevard/Church Lane (370040412)
Goodison Boulevard/Church Lane (370045460)
Goodison Boulevard/Heatherbank Road (370045457)
Goodison Boulevard/Highbury Avenue (370040401)
Goodison Boulevard/Highbury Avenue (370045179)
Goodison Boulevard/Limpool Close (370040417)
Goodison Boulevard/Limpool Close (370045461)
Goodison Boulevard/Middleham Road (370040402)
Goodison Boulevard/Packington Road (370040384)
Goodison Boulevard/Packington Road (370045462)
Goodison Boulevard/Plumpton Park Road (370040388)
Goodison Boulevard/St Wilfrids Road (370041005)
Goodison Boulevard/Staunton Road (370045184)
Goodison Boulevard/Staunton Road (370046731)
Goodison Boulevard/Tatenhill Gardens (370045463)
Green Boulevard/Cantley Lane (370040407)
Green Boulevard/Cantley Lane (370045456)
Hayfield Lane/Chestnut Drive (370045315)
Hayfield Lane/Fir Tree Avenue (370045313)
Hayfield Lane/Fir Tree Avenue (370045314)
Hayfield Lane/First Avenue (370040360)
Hayfield Lane/First Avenue (370045316)
Hayfield Lane/Hawthorne Road (370040361)
High Street (227000010233)
Hurst Lane/Hayfield Lane (370040320)
Hurst Lane/Main Street (370046755)
Hurst Lane/Mosham Road (370040353)
Hurst Lane/Mosham Road (370045300)
Hurst Lane/Poplar Way (370040322)
Hurst Lane/Poplar Way (370046058)
Hurst Lane/Poplar Way (370046756)
Leisure Centre (227000010780)
Main Street/Common Lane (370045298)
Main Street/Ellers Lane (370045564)
Main Street/Ellers Lane (370045565)
Main Street/River Way (370045299)
Market Place (227000010773)
Marlborough Avenue (227000010235)
Memorial (227000010834)
Moor Gap/Badgers Holt (370045186)
Moor Gap/Quarry Lane (370040375)
Moor Gap/The Close (370040376)
Moor Gap/Valley Drive (370040374)
Mosham Road/Mosham Close (370040354)
Mosham Road/Mosham Close (370045309)
Mosham Road/Station Road (370045523)
Mosham Road/Thorne Road (370040356)
Newbigg (227000010816)
Park Lane (227000011123)
Pond (227000010994)
South Parade/Regent Square (370045027)
South Parade/Thorne Road (370041216)
Station Road/Back Lane (370041224)
Station Road/Doncaster Road (370045318)
Synthetic Stop (227000000000)
Synthetic Stop (370040321)
The Meadows (227000011124)
Water Tower (227000010244)
Waterdale/College Road (370040950)
Waterdale/Wood Street (370041001)
Wroot Road/Bawtry Road (370040365)
Wroot Road/Elm Drive (370040364)

Bankfield Lane, Stannington (Sheffield) -  06/02 onwards

Posted: 06/02/2023 08:00:00

Affected dates: 06/02/2023 onwards

Reason: Roadworks

Description: Bankfield Lane, Stannington has been closed due to  roadworks until further notice.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
First South Yorkshire:  763, 763a, 81,
Service 81 towards Sheffield diverted via Uppergate Road to the church, turning left onto Stannington Road then right into the Acorn estate. Outbound services are unaffected.

763 & 763a School services will commence from the first stop on Acorn Drive.
Affected stops:
Abbeydale Road South/Hartington Avenue (370021547)
Abbeydale Road South/Springfield Road (370021544)
Acorn Drive/Flask View (370023867)
Acorn Drive/Friar Close (370023870)
Acorn Drive/Golden Oak Dell (370023868)
Acorn Drive/Robin Hood Chase (370023869)
Acorn Drive/Spoon Glade (370023866)
Angel Street/CG4 (370022855)
Arundel Gate/Ag124 (370027599)
Arundel Gate/AG8 (370023171)
Arundel Gate/Charles Street (370023127)
Arundel Gate/Cs123 (370027600)
Bankfield Lane/Highfield Rise (370027435)
Bradfield School/Kirk Edge Road (370026892)
Causeway Head Road/Causeway Gardens (370021795)
Causeway Head Road/Cross Lane (370021798)
Causeway Head Road/Heather Lea Avenue (370021794)
Causeway Head Road/Heather Lea Avenue (370027335)
Causeway Head Road/Kerwin Road (370021796)
Causeway Head Road/Parkers Lane (370021797)
Causeway Head Road/The Causeway (370023527)
Charter Row/Fitzwilliam Gate (370023130)
Cross Lane/Brickhouse Lane (370021799)
Devonshire Terrace Road/Leyfield Road (370021793)
Dobcroft Road/Abbeydale Road South (370023843)
Dobcroft Road/Cortworth Road (370021378)
Dobcroft Road/Ecclesall Road South (370021376)
Dobcroft Road/Silverdale Road (370021380)
Dobcroft Road/Whirlowdale Crescent (370021382)
Dobcroft Road/Whirlowdale Road (370021383)
Ecclesall Road South/Abbey Lane (370021338)
Ecclesall Road South/Abbey Lane (370021339)
Ecclesall Road South/Brincliffe Edge Road (370021542)
Ecclesall Road South/Cortworth Road (370021524)
Ecclesall Road South/Croft Lane (370021331)
Ecclesall Road South/Dobcroft Road (370021374)
Ecclesall Road South/Dunkeld Road (370021525)
Ecclesall Road South/Harley Road (370021375)
Ecclesall Road South/Hoober Road (370021522)
Ecclesall Road South/Knowle Lane (370027480)
Ecclesall Road South/Limb Lane (370021335)
Ecclesall Road South/Little Common Lane (370021337)
Ecclesall Road South/Millhouses Lane (370021539)
Ecclesall Road South/Parkhead Crescent (370021340)
Ecclesall Road South/Parkhead Crescent (370021341)
Ecclesall Road South/Ringinglow Road (370021531)
Ecclesall Road South/Ringinglow Road (370021541)
Ecclesall Road South/Weetwood Drive (370021523)
Ecclesall Road South/Whinfell Court (370021334)
Ecclesall Road South/Whirlow Court Road (370021330)
Ecclesall Road South/Whirlow Lane (370021336)
Ecclesall Road South/Whirlowdale Road (370021332)
Ecclesall Road South/Whirlowdale Road (370021333)
Ecclesall Road/Carrington Road (370020629)
Ecclesall Road/Carrington Road (370020630)
Ecclesall Road/Collegiate Crescent (370023464)
Ecclesall Road/Denham Road (370023463)
Ecclesall Road/Glenalmond Road (370020625)
Ecclesall Road/Greystones Road (370020621)
Ecclesall Road/Greystones Road (370020622)
Ecclesall Road/Hickmott Road (370020589)
Ecclesall Road/Huntingtower Road (370020623)
Ecclesall Road/Huntingtower Road (370020624)
Ecclesall Road/Neill Road (370020585)
Ecclesall Road/Neill Road (370020587)
Ecclesall Road/Pear Street (370023461)
Ecclesall Road/Pear Street (370023462)
Ecclesall Road/Rustlings Road (370020581)
Ecclesall Road/Rustlings Road (370020582)
Ecclesall Road/Thompson Road (370020591)
Ecclesall Road/Thompson Road (370023529)
Ecclesall Road/Wadbrough Road (370020590)
Eyre Street/Moor Market ES3 (370027315)
Furnival Gate/Moorhead MH3 (370023135)
Gibraltar Street/Bower Spring (370022789)
Gibraltar Street/Lambert Street (370027294)
Greaves Lane/Greaves Close (370023871)
Hathersage Road/Ash House Lane (370021750)
Hathersage Road/Ash House Lane (370021751)
Hathersage Road/Ash House Lane (370021752)
Hathersage Road/Cross Lane (370021754)
Hathersage Road/Long Line (370021755)
Holme Lane/Hillsborough Place (370021429)
Holme Lane/Loxley New Road (370020743)
Holme Lane/Stannington Road (370020739)
Holme Lane/Walkley Lane (370021427)
Infirmary Road/Balaclava Road (370020695)
Infirmary Road/Penistone Road (370023732)
Infirmary Road/Portland Street (370020694)
Infirmary Road/Portland Street (370023731)
Infirmary Road/West Don Street (370020696)
Langsett Road/Bamforth Street (370023734)
Langsett Road/Channing Street (370023733)
Langsett Road/Cuthbert Bank Road (370023770)
Langsett Road/Hatton Road (370021418)
Langsett Road/Langsett Rise (370026679)
Langsett Road/Primrose Hill (370020697)
Langsett Road/Ripley Street (370027573)
Loxley New Road/Dykes Lane (370020741)
Loxley New Road/Holme Lane (370023751)
Loxley Road/Black Lane (370021610)
Loxley Road/Black Lane (370021937)
Loxley Road/Black Lane (370021938)
Loxley Road/Dykes Lane (370020740)
Loxley Road/Long Lane (370021940)
Loxley Road/Long Lane (370026905)
Loxley Road/Low Matlock Lane (370021606)
Loxley Road/Low Matlock Lane (370026685)
Loxley Road/Mill Dam (370021605)
Loxley Road/Rodney Hill (370021936)
Loxley Road/Rodney Hill (370021941)
Loxley Road/Studfield Hill (370021608)
Loxley Road/Studfield Hill (370026696)
Loxley Road/The Grove (370021611)
Loxley Road/Wisewood Avenue (370021604)
Loxley Road/Wisewood Lane (370020762)
Loxley Road/Wisewood Lane (370026932)
Moore Street/Ecclesall Road (370023460)
Moore Street/Fitzwilliam Street (370022727)
Moore Street/Hanover Way (370023459)
Moorfields/Allen Street (370022893)
Nethergate/Oldfield Road (370027523)
Oldfield Road/Long Lane (370023675)
Oldfield Road/Oldfield Avenue (370021858)
Oldfield Road/Oldfield Avenue (370021859)
Oldfield Road/Stannington Road (370021881)
Oldfield Road/Stannington Road (370021883)
Oldfield Terrace/Oldfield Road (370021853)
Oldfield Terrace/Oldfield Road (370021863)
Oldfield Terrace/Stannington Road (370021861)
Oldfield Terrace/Stannington Road (370027332)
Penistone Road/St. Phillips Road (370023758)
School Lane/Church Street (370023649)
Shalesmoor/Ebenezer Street (370020662)
Snig Hill/CG9 (370022850)
Springfield Road/Button Hill (370023605)
Springfield Road/Hastings Road (370021558)
Springfield Road/Springfield Avenue (370021562)
Springfield Road/Stowe Avenue (370021560)
Stannington Road/Acorn Drive (370026749)
Stannington Road/Barlow Road (370021902)
Stannington Road/Butler Road (370021892)
Stannington Road/Deer Park Road (370021884)
Stannington Road/Liberty Hill (370021882)
Stannington Road/Low Road (370023840)
Stannington Road/Loxley Road (370020745)
Stannington Road/Pond Road (370027013)
Stannington Road/Pond Road (370027014)
Stannington Road/Roscoe Bank (370021868)
Stannington Road/Roscoe Mount (370021866)
Stannington Road/Stanwood Avenue (370021864)
Stannington Road/Stanwood Avenue (370021865)
Stannington Road/Stanwood Road (370021869)
Stannington Road/Undercliffe Road (370021867)
Stannington Road/Wood Bank (370020747)
Stannington Road/Wood Lane (370020746)
Uppergate Road/Bankfield Lane (370021860)
Uppergate Road/Church Street (370021857)
Uppergate Road/Stannington Road (370027304)
West Bar/West Bar Green (370022889)
West Bar/Workhouse Lane (370027175)
Woodholm Road/Ecclesall Road South (370023683)
Woodholm Road/Woodholm Place (370021526)

Bar Lane and Blacker Road, Staincross (Barnsley) -  11/02 to 18/02;

Posted: 06/02/2023 11:21:00

Affected dates: 11/02/2023 to 18/02/2023;

Reason: Roadworks

Description: Due to roadworks on part of Bar Lane, buses towards Wakefield Road will be unable to travel on Blacker Road and Bar Lane and will need to divert via Greenside/Shaw Lane and Wakefield Road. Buses from Wakefield Road towards Greenside/Spark Lane should be unaffected.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
Stagecoach Yorkshire:  1,
Buses will divert via Wakefield Road
Affected stops:
Bar Lane/Cloudberry Way (370050414)
Bar Lane/Eastfield Crescent (370055217)
Bar Lane/Wakefield Road (370050411)
Blacker Road/Church Street (370055229)
Blacker Road/Park Close (370055218)
Greenside/Greenside Avenue (370050692)
Greenside/Paddock Road (370055214)

Bluebell Avenue, Chapelfield Lane & Park Avenue, Penistone (Barnsley) -  06/02 to 10/02;

Posted: 31/01/2023 14:46:00

Affected dates: 06/02/2023 to 10/02/2023;

Reason: Road closed

Description: Bluebell Avenue will be closed for surfacing works. As a result buses will also be unable to serve Park Avenue and Chapelfield Lane, and instead will run direct on High Street.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
Stagecoach Yorkshire:  20, 21a,
Use stops on High Street
Affected stops:
Bluebell Avenue/Chapel Field Lane (370051006)
Bluebell Avenue/Chapel Field Lane (370051163)
Chapel Field Lane/Broomfield Walk (370055121)
Chapel Field Lane/Chapel Field Walk (370055582)
Park Avenue/Bluebell Avenue (370051017)
Park Avenue/Boggard Lane (370055581)
Park Avenue/Park Lane (370051016)
Park Avenue/Park Lane (370055580)

Carlton Road, Smithies (Barnsley) -  05/02 to 12/03;

Posted: 31/01/2023 15:30:00

Affected dates: 05/02/2023 to 12/03/2023;

Reason: Roadworks

Description: Carlton Road, Smithies (Barnsley): Both sides of Carlton Road will be resurfaced at separate times. During the 5 weeks of works, the road will first be closed to traffic travelling from Wakefield Road to Rotherham Road. In the second phase, the road will be closed to traffic travelling from Rotherham Road to Wakefield Road.
When a side of the road is being resurfaced, buses which would normally use that side will have to divert via Wakefield Road and Rotherham Road. We then advise customers to use stops on the diversion.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
Stagecoach Yorkshire:  12,
Use stops on diversion
Affected stops:
Carlton Road/Newhill Road (370050841)
Carlton Road/Rotherham Road (370050840)
Carlton Road/Rotherham Road (370055432)

Carlton-In-Lindrick, nr Worksop -  21/12 onwards

Posted: 21/12/2022 13:30:00

Affected dates: 21/12/2022 onwards

Reason: Vandalism

Description: Due to ongoing vandalism issues involving Stagecoach vehicles service will divert after 6pm until further notice.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
Stagecoach East Midlands:  22,
Service 22 will NOT serve the Carlton Estate After 6pm each evening. Passengers are advised to catch the service on the A60

Cemetery Road, Roebuck Road and Hemingfield Road, Hemingfield Road/Jump (Barnsley) -  21/01 to 25/02;

Posted: 19/12/2022 12:30:00

Affected dates: 21/01/2023 to 25/02/2023;

Reason: Road closed

Description: Buses on services 67, 67a, 67c and 662 will be diverted and will not serve Hemingfield/Jump. 67, 67a and 67c will run directly along Dearne Valley Parkway between Hoyland (Wood Walk) and Cortonwood. 662 will be diverted along Roebuck Hill and Dearne Valley Parkway between Jump (Wentworth Road) and Wombwell (Hemingfield Road). Service 66 will run as normal around Hoyland, Jump and Elsecar, serving Church Street and Wentworth Road in Jump. Services 72 and 72a will run as normal through Hemingfield, serving Tingle Bridge Lane, School Street and Hemingfield Road.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
Marsland Travel:  662, Stagecoach Yorkshire:  67, 67a, 67c,
Services using Dearne Valley Parkway in both directions. Unable to Serve Jump or Hemingfield.

Nearest Services
For Jump will be the Service 66 to Church Street/Wentworth Road in Jump.
For Hemingfield Change buses in Hoyland for the Service 72/72A.
Affected stops:
Cemetery Road/Hallsworth Avenue (370050572)
Cemetery Road/Hallsworth Avenue (370050573)
Cemetery Road/Hemingfield Road (370055380)
Cemetery Road/Lady Croft Lane (370055364)
Cemetery Road/Preston Avenue (370050574)
Cemetery Road/Preston Avenue (370050575)
Cemetery Road/Quest Avenue (370051171)
Cemetery Road/Quest Avenue (370055890)
Cemetery Road/Wentworth Road (370050576)
Cemetery Road/Wentworth Road (370050589)
Cemetery Road/Wentworth Road (370055147)

Chaucer Road, Herringthorpe, Rotherham -  03/01 to 23/02;

Posted: 19/12/2022 11:20:00

Affected dates: 03/01/2023 to 23/02/2023;

Reason: Road closed

Description: Road closure on Chaucer Road. Buses will divert via Dryden Road.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
Cawthorne's Travel:  138,
Services will divert via Dryden Road.
Affected stops:
Chaucer Road/Shenstone Road (370030296)

Church Road, Barnby Dun (Doncaster) -  08/02;

Posted: 30/01/2023 17:47:00

Affected dates: 08/02/2023;

Reason: Road closed

Description: Church Road will be closed between the junctions of Arren Close and Church Lane for utility work on Wednesday 8 February (09:30 - 14:30).

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
David Goodfellow Travel, First South Yorkshire:  84a,
Towards Lindholme, service 84a to operate as normal to Top Road at the junction with Church Road then divert via Stainforth Road and Doncaster Road before resuming normal route at the junction with Hall Lane.

Towards Doncaster, service 84a to operate as normal to Doncaster Road at the junction with Hall Lane then divert via Doncaster Road and Stainforth Road before resuming normal route on Top Road at the junction with Church Road.

Please use bus stops on the diversion route.
Alternatively, please make other arrangements during this period.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
Affected stops:
Bramwith Lane/Church Lane (370041165)
Bramwith Lane/Fox Farm (370040525)
Bramwith Lane/Love Lane (370040546)
Bramwith Lane/Love Lane (370045774)
Bramwith Lane/Low Lane (370040524)
Bramwith Lane/White House View (370041162)
Bramwith Lane/White House View (370045776)
Church Road/Church Lane (370045777)
Church Road/Marlowe Road (370041095)
Church Road/Partridge Road (370046736)

Churchfield Lane, Kexbrough (Barnsley) -  26/01 to 09/02;

Posted: 11/01/2023 13:57:00

Affected dates: 26/01/2023 to 09/02/2023;

Reason: Road closed

Description: Churchfield Lane will be closed between Churchfield Avenue and Churchfield Court due to telecoms works. Most buses will  divert via Allendale Road, Huddersfield Road and Ballfield Lane.  Globe services will omit Allandale Road and use Huddersfield Road, Ballfield Lane and turn in Oakwood Square.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
Globe Holidays:  96, 96b, South Pennine Community Transport:  99, Stagecoach Yorkshire:  420, 93, 95, 95a,
Use stops on the diversion route or further along the normal route
Affected stops:
Churchfield Lane/Allendale Road (370050101)
Churchfield Lane/Allendale Road (370055261)
Churchfield Lane/Ballfield Lane (370055251)
Churchfield Lane/Bence Lane (370050103)
Churchfield Lane/Churchfield Avenue (370050102)
Churchfield Lane/Churchfield Avenue (370055262)
Churchfield Lane/Huddersfield Road (370055168)
Churchfield Lane/Roman Road (370050100)

Division Street, City Centre (Sheffield) -  23/05 onwards

Posted: 23/05/2022 16:30:00

Affected dates: 23/05/2022 onwards

Reason: Route diversion

Description: Due to health and safety concerns regarding the use of Division Street during Friday and Saturday evenings, (also Sunday Evenings when there is a Bank Holiday Monday).
Inbound services operated by First & Stagecoach, will be diverted.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
First South Yorkshire:  51, 52a, 95, 95a, First South Yorkshire, Stagecoach Yorkshire:  120, Stagecoach Yorkshire:  52,
From 2100 until end of service every Friday & Saturday (and Sunday evenings on Bank Holiday Mondays) until further notice.
INBOUND - Services 51,52 and 52a will operate as normal to the Children's Hospital then divert down Western Bank to Brook Hill roundabout, Upper Hanover Way, Moore Street, Charter Road, Furnival Street then turn at Furnival Square roundabout.
INBOUND Services 95 & 95a will operate as normal to Brook Hill roundabout then divert via Upper Hanover Street, St Marys Gate, St Marys Roundabout, Eyre Street and Furnival Square before resuming normal route on Furnival Street.
INBOUND Service 120 service will operate as normal to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital then divert up Clarkson Street down Western Bank to Brook Hill roundabout, Upper Hanover Way, St Marys Gate, St Marys Roundabout, Eyre Street & Furnival Square roundabout.

Football Diversions on Match days (Rotherham and Sheffield) -  09/08 to 07/05;

Posted: 09/08/2022 17:15:00

Affected dates: 09/08/2022 to 07/05/2023;

Reason: Road closed

Description: On match days from 1hr before kick off until 1hr after the final whistle some services are subject to diversion affecting Rotherham United, Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
Stagecoach Yorkshire:  137,
New York Stadium -Rotherham United Home Games

When Main St closes:
Service 137 towards Rotherham will turn left on Centenary Way, College Rd roundabout then Bridge Str.
FROM Rotherham will divert via Chantry Bridge, Greasbrough Rd & Centenary Way then U turn back to Masbrough St

Approx 5-10 min walk from Interchange/Rotherham Central
First South Yorkshire:  18, TM Travel:  252,
Bramall Lane Stadium -Sheffield United Homes Games

When Bramall La (only) closes:
Services 18 & 252 will divert in both directions via Shoreham St.

Shoreham St: 11,24,25 & 51

Note: If Shoreham Street is also closed, then 1a, 11, 18, 24, 41, 51, 252 & MAN4 services will all divert via Queens Road, Granville Square & St Marys in both directions.

First South Yorkshire:  97, 98,
Hillsborough Stadium - Sheffield Wednesday Homes Games

When Leppings La (only) closes:
Services 18, 97 & 98 TOWARDS Hillsborough Interchange will divert along Penistone Rd then turn right along Bradfield Rd to Hillsborough Corner.
Services FROM Hillsborough Interchange will turn left onto Langsett Rd, left down Bamforth St then left along Penistone Rd.

Leppings La: Tram Yellow Route to Middlewood, Ser 57.
Penistone Rd: Services 7, 8, 8A & 86 in both directions.

Hereford Road, Wheatley (Doncaster) -  06/02; 07/02; 08/02;

Posted: 27/01/2023 14:39:00

Affected dates: 06/02/2023; 07/02/2023; 08/02/2023;

Reason: Road closed

Description: Hereford Road will be closed between the junction of Truro Avenue and the roundabout with Coventry Grove for carriageway resurfacing work from Monday 6 February until Wednesday 8 February (08:00 - 18:00 each day).

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
First South Yorkshire:  15,
Towards Long Sandall, service 15 to operate as normal to the Coventry Grove roundabout then divert via Guildford Road before resuming normal route on Truro Avenue.

Towards Edlington, service 15 to operate as normal to Truro Avenue at the junction with Hereford Road then divert via Guildford Road before resuming normal route on Coventry Grove roundabout.

Please use bus stops on the diversion route.
(Temporary bus stops will be located along Guildford Road).
Alternatively please make other arrangements during this period.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
Affected stops:
Hereford Road/Coventry Grove (370040813)
Hereford Road/Coventry Grove (370046369)
Hereford Road/Coventry Grove (370046689)
Hereford Road/Coventry Grove (370046690)
Hereford Road/Truro Avenue (370040812)
Hereford Road/Truro Avenue (370046692)

Kingwell Road and Mount Vernon Road, Worsbrough (Barnsley) -  13/02; 14/02; 15/02; 16/02; 17/02; 18/02; 19/02; 20/02; 21/02; 22/02; 23/02; 24/02; 25/02; 26/02; 27/02;

Posted: 06/02/2023 12:15:00

Affected dates: 13/02/2023; 14/02/2023; 15/02/2023; 16/02/2023; 17/02/2023; 18/02/2023; 19/02/2023; 20/02/2023; 21/02/2023; 22/02/2023; 23/02/2023; 24/02/2023; 25/02/2023; 26/02/2023; 27/02/2023;

Reason: Road closed

Description: Kingwell Road will be closed for resurfacing daily between 0800 and 1500. During these hours services 67, 67b and 67c in both directions will need to divert via Upper Sheffield Road and omit Kingswell and Mount Vernon Road. Service 67a is unaffected and will continue to use Mount Vernon Road.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
Stagecoach Yorkshire:  67, 67b, 67c,
67, 67b, 67c to omit Kingswell and Mount Vernon and to divert via Upper Sheffield Road. 67a will continue to use Mount Vernon Road.
Affected stops:
Kingwell Road/Blackburn Lane (370056127)
Kingwell Road/Blackburn Lane (370056128)
Kingwell Road/Vernon Road (370056129)
Kingwell Road/Vernon Road (370056134)
Mount Vernon Road/Coach House Lane (370055224)
Mount Vernon Road/Highstone Road (370051131)
Mount Vernon Road/Mount Vernon Crescent (370050625)
Mount Vernon Road/Mount Vernon Crescent (370050626)
Mount Vernon Road/Pinfold Hill (370050627)
Vernon Road/Haverlands Lane (370050634)
Vernon Road/Kingwell Road (370050464)
Vernon Road/Osmond Drive (370050628)
Vernon Road/Wigfield Drive (370051153)

Mill Street & Hatfield Lane, Armthorpe (Doncaster) -  22/01; 29/01; 05/02; 12/02; 19/02; 26/02;

Posted: 20/01/2023 16:25:00

Affected dates: 22/01/2023; 29/01/2023; 05/02/2023; 12/02/2023; 19/02/2023; 26/02/2023;

Reason: Road closed

Description: Mill Street and Hatfield Lane will be closed between the Nutwell Lane Roundabout and the junction with The Grove for carriageway resurfacing work on Sunday 22 January, Sunday 29 January, Sunday 5 February, Sunday 12 February, Sunday 19 February and Sunday 26 February (08:00 - 18:00 each Sunday).

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
First South Yorkshire:  81,
Service 81 to operate as normal to Church Street at the junction with Beech Road then divert via Beech Road and Hawthorne Avenue before resuming normal route on Hatfield Lane.

Please use bus stops on the diversion route.
Alternatively, please make other arrangements during this period.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
Affected stops:
Church Street/Mill Street (370041008)
Church Street/Woodlea Grove (370040378)
Hatfield Lane/Chestnut Avenue (370040492)
Hatfield Lane/Laurel Road (370046036)
Mill Street/Cherry Tree Road (370046035)
First South Yorkshire:  82,
Service 82 to operate as normal to Hatfield Lane at the junction with Hawthorne Avenue then divert via Hawthorne Avenue and Beech Road before resuming normal route on Church Street.

Please use bus stops on the diversion route.
Alternatively, please make other arrangements during this period.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
Affected stops:
Church Street/Beech Road (370045409)
Church Street/Winholme (370045145)
Hatfield Lane/Rands Lane (370045146)

Moonshine Lane, Southey Green (Sheffield) -  16/01 onwards

Posted: 16/01/2023 09:30:00

Affected dates: 16/01/2023 onwards

Reason: Roadworks

Description: Moonshine Lane is closed in both directions.
The nature of the closure also means services unable to Galsworthy Road as well.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
First South Yorkshire:  20, 784, 785, Stagecoach Yorkshire:  83a,
Service 20 to Hemsworth & Service 83a to Fulwood to operate normal to Southey Hill at the roundabout with Southey Green Rd then divert via Southey Green Rd, Wordsworth Ave and Herries Rd to resume normal route at the roundabout with Moonshine La.
Services 20 & 83a to Ecclesfield to operate normal to Herries Rd at the roundabout with Moonshine La then divert via Herries Rd, Wordsworth Ave and Southey Green Rd to resume normal route on Southey Hill.
Services 784 & 785 to Notre Dame School to operate normal to Southey Hill at the roundabout with Southey Green Rd then divert via Southey Green Rd, Wordsworth Ave and Herries Rd to resume normal route at the roundabout with Moonshine La.
Service 784 to Chapeltown & Service 785 to Ecclesfield to operate normal to Herries Rd at the roundabout with Moonshine La then divert via Herries Rd, Wordsworth Ave and Southey Green Rd to resume normal route on Southey Hill.
Affected stops:
Adlington Road/Buchanan Road (370021224)
Adlington Road/Deerlands Avenue (370021222)
Adlington Road/Deerlands Avenue (370021223)
Adlington Road/Falstaff Road (370021225)
Adlington Road/Southey Hill (370020579)
Arundel Gate/AG6 (370023169)
Arundel Gate/AG9 (370022801)
Arundel Gate/Furnival Street (370023126)
Arundel Gate/Howard Street (370026701)
Barnsley Road/Firshill Close (370025213)
Barnsley Road/Orphanage Road (370025212)
Blackstock Road/Backmoor Road (370022084)
Blackstock Road/Backmoor Road (370027533)
Blackstock Road/Bankwood Road (370022642)
Blackstock Road/Gaunt Close (370022577)
Blackstock Road/Gaunt Close (370022578)
Blackstock Road/Gaunt Drive (370022077)
Blackstock Road/Gaunt Drive (370022576)
Blackstock Road/Gaunt Road (370022573)
Blackstock Road/Ironside Road (370022575)
Blackstock Road/Overend Road (370022570)
Blackstock Road/Plowright Close (370022639)
Burngreave Road/Brunswick Road (370023470)
Burngreave Road/Burngreave Street (370023235)
Burngreave Road/Cranworth Road (370023234)
Burngreave Road/Gower Street (370023473)
Burngreave Road/Melrose Road (370020209)
Burngreave Road/Minna Road (370020210)
Burngreave Road/Pitsmoor Road (370020195)
Burngreave Road/Toll Bar (370020211)
Charter Row/Moorhead MH5 (370023132)
Chaucer Road/Deerlands Avenue (370021232)
Chaucer Road/Deerlands Avenue (370021233)
Chaucer Road/Fulmere Road (370021234)
Chaucer Road/Mansel Avenue (370021235)
Chaucer Road/Yew Lane (370021244)
Chesterfield Road/Albert Road (370022537)
Chesterfield Road/Beeton Road (370021125)
Chesterfield Road/Beeton Road (370023900)
Chesterfield Road/Binfield Road (370021124)
Chesterfield Road/Valley Road (370021127)
Daresbury Road/East Bank Road (370022650)
Deerlands Avenue/Adlington Road (370021228)
Deerlands Avenue/Buchanan Crescent (370021229)
Deerlands Avenue/Buchanan Crescent (370021230)
Deerlands Avenue/Buchanan Crescent (370021236)
Deerlands Avenue/Wordsworth Avenue (370021208)
Deerlands Avenue/Wordsworth Avenue (370021213)
Derbyshire Lane/Chesterfield Road (370023819)
Derbyshire Lane/Cliffefield Road (370023820)
East Bank Road/Hallyburton Road (370022649)
East Bank Road/Myrtle Road (370023065)
East Bank Road/Thornborough Road (370023194)
Exchange Place/CG14 (370027596)
Eyre Street/Matilda Street (370023167)
Fitzwilliam Gate/South Lane (370023119)
Gleadless Road/Newfield Gardens (370022658)
Greaves Road/Monteney Crescent (370027146)
Heeley Bank Road/Olive Grove Road (370023294)
Heeley Bank Road/Spurr Street (370023295)
Hemsworth Road/Ashbury Lane (370022087)
Hemsworth Road/Ashbury Lane (370022088)
Hemsworth Road/Backmoor Crescent (370022085)
Hemsworth Road/Backmoor Crescent (370022086)
Hemsworth Road/Bunting Nook (370022058)
Hemsworth Road/Norton Lane (370022089)
Hemsworth Road/Norton Lane (370022090)
Herries Road/Boynton Road (370023315)
Herries Road/Boynton Road (370023316)
Herries Road/Fairbank Road (370023328)
Herries Road/Herries Drive (370023312)
Herries Road/Longley Lane (370023320)
Herries Road/Norwood Avenue (370023630)
Herries Road/Shirecliffe Road (370023314)
High Street/Sycamore Road (370023380)
London Road South/Well Road (370023299)
London Road/Alderson Road (370023591)
London Road/Artisan View (370022536)
London Road/Boston Street (370023455)
London Road/Gleadless Road (370023298)
London Road/Glover Road (370020006)
London Road/Highfield Place (370023285)
London Road/John Street (370023852)
London Road/Queens Road (370020007)
London Road/Sitwell Place (370023286)
London Road/St Marys Gate (370023457)
Monteney Crescent/Brailsford Road (370027145)
Monteney Road/Monteney Crescent (370023374)
Monteney Road/Monteney Gardens (370027147)
Monteney Road/Morrell Road (370023376)
Moonshine Lane/Galsworthy Road (370020574)
Moonshine Lane/Galsworthy Road (370020575)
Moonshine Lane/Southey Rise (370020565)
Moonshine Lane/Southey Rise (370020566)
Morrall Road/Yew Lane (370021250)
Norton Lees Road/Beverleys Road (370022261)
Norton Lees Road/Cliffe Field Road (370022259)
Norton Lees Road/Cliffe Field Road (370022260)
Norton Lees Road/Cockayne Place (370023822)
Norton Lees Road/Derbyshire Lane (370023821)
Norton Lees Road/Norton Lees Lane (370022262)
Norwood Road/Barnsley Road (370020196)
Norwood Road/Barnsley Road (370020197)
Norwood Road/Herries Road (370023331)
Norwood Road/Herries Road (370023332)
Norwood Road/Norwood Drive (370023333)
Norwood Road/Norwood Drive (370023334)
South Lane/Cumberland Street (370023118)
Southey Hill/North Hill Road (370020573)
Southey Hill/Southey Green Road (370020572)
Spital Hill/Hallcar Street (370023179)
Spital Hill/Spital Street (370023172)
Waingate/CG17 (370022838)
Warminster Road/Brindley Close (370023760)
Warminster Road/Harvey Clough Road (370023567)
Warminster Road/Hemsworth Road (370022056)
Warminster Road/Ketton Avenue (370022267)
Warminster Road/Ketton Avenue (370022268)
Warminster Road/Mount View Avenue (370023568)
Warminster Road/Mount View Road (370022051)
Warminster Road/Norton Lees Lane (370022263)
Warminster Road/Thorpe House Avenue (370022266)
Warminster Road/Warminster Close (370022264)
Warminster Road/Warminster Close (370022265)
Warminster Road/Warminster Place (370022052)
Wicker/Blonk Street (370026733)
Wicker/Walker Street (370022809)
Yew Lane/Coppin Square (370021248)
Yew Lane/Coppin Square (370021249)
Yew Lane/Creswick Lane (370021245)
Yew Lane/Dugdale Drive (370021246)
Yew Lane/Dugdale Road (370021247)

Northern Rail Planned Engineering Works -  01/02 onwards

Posted: 01/02/2023 11:10:00

Affected dates: 01/02/2023 onwards

Reason: Maintenance work

Description: Details of planned engineering works affecting Northern Rail services

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Train
Sunday 12 February
Manchester Piccadilly to Sheffield: Trains will terminate at New Mills Central. 
Sheffield to Manchester Piccadilly: Trains will start from New Mills Central. 
Buses will be provided between New Mills Central and Sheffield (and vv). 

Monday 13 to Thursday 16
2247 Sheffield to Manchester Piccadilly will be diverted via Stockport.
Bus Chinley to Manchester Piccadilly. 
2318 New Mills Central to Manchester Piccadilly bus replaced throughout. 
2325  Manchester Piccadilly to New Mills Central bus replaced throughout. 
Sunday 05 February
Manchester Piccadilly to Sheffield: Trains will terminate at New Mills Central. 
Sheffield to Manchester Piccadilly: Trains will start from New Mills Central. 
Buses will be provided between New Mills Central and Sheffield (and vv). 

Monday 06 to Thursday 09 February
2328 Sheffield to Manchester Piccadilly will not call Stockport.
Bus Chinley to Manchester Piccadilly. 
Wednesday 1 February to Thursday 02 February
2322 Doncaster to Leeds will terminate Wakefield Westgate. Onward journeys available. 
2318 Nottingham to Sheffield will not call Dronfield. 
Bus Chesterfield to Sheffield. 
2148 Manchester Piccadilly to Sheffield will terminate New Mills Central.
Bus New Mills Central to Sheffield. 
2328 Sheffield to Manchester Piccadilly bus replaced throughout. 

Nursery Street, City Centre (Sheffield) -  03/02 onwards

Posted: 03/02/2023 07:48:00

Affected dates: 03/02/2023 onwards

Reason: Roadworks

Description: Nursery street has been closed Monday to Friday only between the hours of 2000-0500 for unannounced roadworks until Wednesday 15th of February 2023.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
First South Yorkshire:  95, 95a, First South Yorkshire, TM Travel:  8,
Services 8, 95, and 95a travelling away from Sheffield will be diverted from Angel Street, Snig Hill to West Bar roundabout then 3rd exit down Corporation Street on to Shalesmoor towards Pitsmoor then pick up route on Pitsmoor Road.
Services 8, 95, and 95a travelling into Sheffield will be diverted from Bridgehouses towards Derek Dooley way up towards the Parkway then down Parkway to Park Square roundabout then up Commercial street picking route up at the top of Flat Street.
Affected stops:
Arundel Gate/AG11 (370026699)
Arundel Gate/AG7 (370023170)
Arundel Gate/Arundel Gate Ag13 (370027436)
Arundel Gate/Charles Street (370023127)
Barber Road/Crookesmoor Road (370020413)
Barber Road/Sydney Road (370020412)
Barnsley Road/Coningsby Road (370021027)
Barnsley Road/Crabtree Close (370020178)
Barnsley Road/Devon Road (370020177)
Barnsley Road/Firshill Close (370025213)
Barnsley Road/Horndean Road (370021044)
Barnsley Road/Horndean Road (370023560)
Barnsley Road/Idsworth Road (370021045)
Barnsley Road/Idsworth Road (370021046)
Barnsley Road/Mortlake Road (370021047)
Barnsley Road/Norwood Road (370023595)
Barnsley Road/Orphanage Road (370025212)
Barnsley Road/Osgathorpe Road (370020191)
Barrow Road/Fife Street (370021019)
Barrow Road/Newman Road (370021020)
Barrow Road/Newman Road (370021021)
Basegreen Drive/Basegreen Close (370022314)
Basegreen Drive/Basegreen Road (370022313)
Basegreen Drive/Jaunty Road (370022312)
Basegreen Drive/Lister Avenue (370022664)
Bellhouse Road/Bevercotes Road (370027055)
Bellhouse Road/Firth Park Road (370020911)
Birley Lane/Thornbridge Road (370027177)
Birley Moor Avenue/Thornbridge Rise (370023640)
Birley Moor Crescent/Birley Moor Avenue (370021587)
Birley Moor Crescent/Newstead Avenue (370027178)
Bole Hill Road/Heavygate Avenue (370021896)
Bole Hill Road/Heavygate Avenue (370021931)
Bole Hill Road/Rangeley Road (370021894)
Bole Hill Road/Rangeley Road (370021900)
Bole Hill Road/Rivelin Street (370021895)
Bole Hill Road/Rivelin Street (370021899)
Bolsover Street/Brook Hill (370020353)
Bolsover Street/Netherthorpe Road (370020354)
Bracken Road/Wincobank Avenue (370021987)
Broad Lane/Beet Street (370020364)
Broadlands Avenue/Broadlands Rise (370027374)
Broadlands Avenue/Cranford Drive (370027375)
Burton Road/Hicks Street (370022784)
Burton Road/Percy Street (370020690)
Castle Street/CG10 (370022805)
Church Street/High Street (370022870)
City Road/Cemetery (370020073)
City Road/City Road Cemetery (370023220)
City Road/Dovercourt Road (370020072)
City Road/Eastern Avenue (370023046)
City Road/Eastern Avenue (370023211)
City Road/Elm Tree (370022599)
City Road/Manor Lane (370020070)
City Road/Park Grange Road (370023218)
City Road/Park Grange Road (370023219)
City Road/Spring Lane (370023221)
City Road/St Aidans Road (370020074)
City Road/St Aidans Road (370025071)
City Road/Wulfric Road (370023215)
City Road/Wulfric Road (370023216)
Commonside/Barber Road (370020411)
Crookes Valley Road/Crookesmoor Road (370020414)
Crookes Valley Road/Oxford Street (370020415)
Crystal Peaks/CP6 (370021637)
Eyre Street/Cumberland Street (370023164)
Eyre Street/Moorhead ES2 (370027314)
Fife Street/Standon Road (370021017)
Flat Street/Fitzalan Square (370022788)
Flat Street/FS2 (370022832)
Fox Lane/Jaunty Mount (370022316)
Fox Lane/Jaunty Road (370022315)
Fox Lane/Kildonan Grove (370022317)
Fox Lane/Thornbridge Drive (370022318)
Furnival Street/Arundel Lane (370023143)
Furnival Street/Arundel Lane (370023144)
Glossop Road/Gell Street (370020378)
Granville Road/Claywood Road (370020792)
Granville Road/Farm Bank Road (370023151)
Granville Road/Farm Bank Road (370023152)
Granville Road/Farm Bank Road (370023705)
Granville Road/Granville Street (370023148)
Granville Road/Holdings Road (370023609)
Granville Road/Ingram Road (370026837)
Granville Road/Norfolk Park Road (370023154)
Greaves Road/High Street (370023377)
Halifax Road/Fox Hill Road (370020545)
Halifax Road/Southey Green Road (370020546)
Halifax Road/Southey Green Road (370020547)
Haymarket/CG20 (370022826)
Haymarket/CG21 (370022816)
High Street/Wordsworth Avenue (370023381)
Hollinsend Road/Alnwick Road (370026746)
Hollinsend Road/Frith Road (370023750)
Hollinsend Road/Hollinsend Avenue (370022622)
Hollinsend Road/Hollinsend Place (370022623)
Hollinsend Road/Mansfield Road (370022624)
Hollinsend Road/Ridgehill Avenue (370022617)
Howard Road/Duncombe Street (370026743)
Howard Road/Fulton Road (370021927)
Howard Road/Fulton Road (370021932)
Howard Road/Hadfield Street (370021926)
Hucklow Road/Eyncourt Road (370020886)
Hucklow Road/Eyncourt Road (370020887)
Hucklow Road/Wheldrake Road (370021048)
Hucklow Road/Wheldrake Road (370021049)
Jaunty Avenue/Jaunty Lane (370022670)
Jaunty Avenue/Lister Avenue (370022669)
Jaunty Lane/Hollinsend Road (370022618)
Jaunty Lane/Jaunty Crescent (370022672)
Jaunty Lane/Jaunty Crescent (370022673)
Jaunty Lane/Seagrave Crescent (370022674)
Jaunty Road/Basegreen Drive (370026796)
Jaunty Road/Fox Lane (370023519)
Jenkin Road/Holywell Road (370021001)
Jenkin Road/Meadowhall Road (370021000)
Jenkin Road/Stupton Road (370027292)
Jenkin Road/Stupton Road (370027293)
Lister Avenue/Lister Drive (370022667)
Lister Avenue/Lister Drive (370022668)
Mansfield Road/Applegarth Drive (370023846)
Mansfield Road/Cadman Road (370022620)
Mansfield Road/Hollybank Road (370022621)
Mansfield Road/Mansfield Drive (370022613)
Mansfield Road/Newlands Drive (370022608)
Mansfield Road/Sharrard Road (370022612)
Mansfield Road/Stanhope Road (370022619)
Mansfield Road/Woodhouse Road (370022610)
Mappin Street/Portobello Lane (370026739)
Meadowhall Interchange/A1 (370010200)
Meadowhall Interchange/D3 (370010214)
Meadowhall Road/Hayland Street (370020998)
Meadowhall Road/Jenkin Road (370020999)
Meadowhall Road/Meadowhall Riverside (370026684)
Meadowhall Road/Meadowhall Way (370020996)
Merton Lane/Fife Street (370021018)
Merton Lane/Jardine Street (370021013)
Merton Lane/Newman Road (370021014)
Monteney Crescent/Brailsford Avenue (370027125)
Monteney Road/Monteney Crescent (370023373)
Monteney Road/Wordsworth Avenue (370023372)
Mowbray Street/Corporation Street (370027299)
Mowbray Street/Harvest Lane (370022785)
Mowbray Street/Harvest Lane (370022786)
Neepsend Lane/Boyland Street (370020705)
Neepsend Lane/Hillfoot Road (370020658)
Neepsend Lane/Hillfoot Road (370020704)
Neepsend Lane/Parkwood Road (370020659)
Neepsend Lane/Parkwood Road (370020660)
Neepsend Lane/Percy Street (370022783)
Neepsend Lane/Rutland Road (370023812)
Newman Road/Barkby Road (370021011)
Newman Road/Maple Croft Road (370021992)
Newman Road/Newman Drive (370021009)
Newman Road/Newman Drive (370021010)
Newman Road/Robin Hood Road (370021012)
Newman Road/Wincobank Avenue (370022002)
Nottingham Street/Fox Street (370023188)
Nottingham Street/Pilgrim Street (370020208)
Nottingham Street/Pitsmoor Road (370023638)
Nottingham Street/Rock Street (370023187)
Nursery Street/Johnson Street (370023849)
Nursery Street/Johnson Street (370027298)
Nursery Street/Spitalfields (370027302)
Ochre Dike Lane/Cleeve Hill Gardens (370021497)
Ochre Dike Lane/Cleeve Hill Gardens (370021498)
Ochre Dike Lane/Moss Way (370021496)
Paternoster Row/SS2 (370026712)
Penistone Road North/Carwell Lane (370020537)
Penistone Road North/Clay Wheels Lane (370020535)
Penistone Road North/Herries Road (370020484)
Penistone Road North/Leppings Lane (370020486)
Penistone Road North/Wardsend Road North (370020538)
Penistone Road/Bamforth Street (370023539)
Penistone Road/Beulah Road (370020475)
Penistone Road/Bradfield Road (370023643)
Penistone Road/Burnell Road (370020473)
Penistone Road/Burton Street (370023512)
Penistone Road/Club Mill Road (370021833)
Penistone Road/Herries Road South (370020476)
Penistone Road/Herries Road South (370020500)
Penistone Road/Hobson Avenue (370021831)
Penistone Road/Livesey Street (370023540)
Penistone Road/Lowther Road (370020474)
Penistone Road/Parkside Road (370020481)
Pitsmoor Road/Minna Road (370023859)
Pitsmoor Road/Pinfold Lane (370020220)
Pitsmoor Road/Pinfold Lane (370025219)
Pitsmoor Road/Rutland Road (370023884)
Pond Street/FS5 (370027581)
Pond Street/Paternoster Row (370027199)
Primrose Avenue/Acacia Road (370021986)
Primrose Avenue/Bellhouse Road (370021984)
Primrose Avenue/Bellhouse Road (370021998)
Primrose Avenue/Foxglove Road (370021985)
Rock Street/Andover Street (370023238)
Rock Street/Marcus Drive (370023185)
Rock Street/Marcus Drive (370023186)
Rock Street/Nottingham Street (370023239)
Rock Street/Pye Bank Road (370023183)
Rock Street/Pye Bank Road (370023184)
Rockingham Street/RS3 (370027616)
Sandstone Road/Jenkin Road (370023644)
Sandstone Road/Jenkin Road (370023645)
Sandstone Road/Sandstone Close (370021022)
Sheffield Interchange/A1 (370010232)
Sheffield Interchange/A4 (370010114)
Sheffield Interchange/D6 (370010134)
Sheffield Road/Moorthorpe Way (370021729)
Sicey Avenue/Stubbin Lane (370020909)
South Road/Hoole Street (370021924)
South Road/Hoole Street (370021925)
South Road/Palm Street (370021922)
South Road/Palm Street (370021923)
Southey Green Road/Halifax Road (370020548)
Southey Green Road/Wordsworth Avenue (370020552)
Southey Green Road/Wordsworth Avenue (370020553)
Suffolk Road/Turner Street (370023089)
Thornbridge Drive/Hayfield Crescent (370022319)
Thornbridge Drive/Hayfield Crescent (370022320)
Thornbridge Drive/Thornbridge Road (370023700)
Thornbridge Road/Birley Moor Avenue (370023890)
Thornbridge Road/Birley Moor Drive (370027179)
Thornbridge Road/Thornbridge Drive (370021586)
Thornbridge Road/Thornbridge Grove (370022326)
Thornbridge Road/Thornbridge Grove (370022327)
Tinker Lane/Bole Hill Road (370021893)
Waingate/CG11 (370022813)
Walkley Road/Parsonage Crescent (370021921)
West Street/Carver Street (370023697)
West Street/Fitzwilliam Street (370020360)
West Street/Rockingham Street (370020362)
Wincobank Avenue/Bluebell Road (370021989)
Wincobank Avenue/Bracken Road (370021988)
Wincobank Avenue/Hyacinth Road (370021991)
Wincobank Avenue/Newman Road (370022001)
Wincobank Avenue/Wincobank Close (370023858)
Wincobank Avenue/Wincobank Road (370021990)
Winter Street/Mushroom Lane (370020350)
Winter Street/Mushroom Lane (370020351)
Wordsworth Avenue/Deerlands Avenue (370021211)
Wordsworth Avenue/Deerlands Avenue (370021212)
Wordsworth Avenue/Doe Royd Lane (370021209)
Wordsworth Avenue/Margetson Crescent (370021207)
Wordsworth Avenue/Margetson Crescent (370021215)
Wordsworth Avenue/Margetson Crescent (370021216)
Wordsworth Avenue/Milnrow Drive (370021214)
Wordsworth Avenue/Monteney Crescent (370023366)
Wordsworth Avenue/Monteney Road (370023369)
Wordsworth Avenue/Remington Road (370023428)
Wordsworth Avenue/Southey Green Road (370020556)
Wordsworth Avenue/Southey Hill (370021210)
Wordsworth Avenue/Tunwell Avenue (370022119)
Wordsworth Avenue/Turie Crescent (370023427)
Wordsworth Avenue/Wheata Drive (370023364)
Wordsworth Avenue/Wheata Place (370023362)
Wordsworth Avenue/Wheata Place (370023363)
Wordsworth Avenue/Wordsworth Crescent (370020554)
Wordsworth Avenue/Wordsworth Crescent (370020555)

Penrith Road, Shirecliffe (Sheffield) -  02/02 onwards

Posted: 02/02/2023 13:52:00

Affected dates: 02/02/2023 onwards

Reason: Roadworks

Description: City Fibre roadworks have shown up on Penrith Road. The road is now too tight to operate on. 

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
First South Yorkshire:  18,
Service 18 towards Hillsborough will divert straight across at Norwood roundabout onto Herries Road missing out Shirecliffe Road, Longley Avenue West and Penrith Road. 
Services towards Sheffield are unaffected.
Affected stops:
Albert Road/Upper Albert Road (370022543)
Attercliffe Common/Arena Square (370025105)
Attercliffe Common/Arena Square (370025106)
Barnsley Road/Hereward Road (370020898)
Barnsley Road/Hereward Road (370020899)
Barnsley Road/Horninglow Road (370020893)
Bellhouse Road/Firth Park Crescent (370020912)
Bellhouse Road/Hatfield House Lane (370020811)
Bellhouse Road/Pavilion Way (370021996)
Bellhouse Road/Primrose Avenue (370021997)
Bellhouse Road/Shiregreen Lane (370020810)
Bramall Lane/Denby Street (370023115)
Bramall Lane/John Street (370023292)
Bramall Lane/Rowland Road (370020000)
Bramall Lane/Rowland Road (370020001)
Brightside Lane/Colliery Road (370020984)
Brightside Lane/Hawke Street (370020981)
Brightside Lane/Hawke Street (370026691)
Brightside Lane/Weedon Street (370020985)
Brightside Lane/Weedon Street (370020986)
Broughton Lane/Sheffield Arena (370026752)
Broughton Lane/Valley Centertainment (370026753)
Carfield Avenue/Carfield Place (370022547)
Carfield Avenue/Meersbrook Road (370022546)
Carfield Avenue/Upper Albert Road (370022548)
Carlisle Street East/Upwell Street (370023861)
Carrfield Road/Albert Road (370023653)
Carrfield Road/Gerard Street (370022535)
Carrfield Road/Gleadless Road (370022534)
Catch Bar Lane/Leppings Lane (370026698)
Charter Row/Moorhead MH5 (370023132)
Chesterfield Road/Millmount Road (370026687)
Chesterfield Road/Scarsdale Road (370021825)
Chesterfield Road/Smithy Wood Crescent (370021800)
Chesterfield Road/Smithy Wood Crescent (370021828)
Chesterfield Road/Tadcaster Road (370021827)
Chesterfield Road/Woodbank Crescent (370021829)
Chesterfield Road/Woodbank Crescent (370021830)
Cyclops Street/Botham Street (370020260)
Derbyshire Lane/Abbey View Drive (370022254)
Derbyshire Lane/Chesterfield Road (370023819)
Derbyshire Lane/Cliffefield Road (370023820)
Derbyshire Lane/Cobnar Road (370022054)
Derbyshire Lane/Harvey Clough Road (370022272)
Derbyshire Lane/Mount View Avenue (370022273)
Derbyshire Lane/Norton Lees Crescent (370022255)
Derbyshire Lane/Norton Lees Lane (370021821)
Derbyshire Lane/Scarsdale Road (370021818)
Dunlop Street/Carbrook Street (370027546)
Dunlop Street/Yarmouth Street (370027545)
Eyre Street/Cumberland Street (370023164)
Eyre Street/Moorhead ES2 (370027314)
Firth Park Road/Addison Road (370021041)
Firth Park Road/Addison Road (370021042)
Firth Park Road/Bolsover Road (370021040)
Firth Park Road/Firth Park Avenue (370020915)
Firth Park Road/Firth Park Avenue (370020916)
Firth Park Road/Hucklow Road (370020913)
Firth Park Road/Vivian Road (370020837)
Firth Park Road/Vivian Road (370021043)
Fitzwilliam Gate/South Lane (370023119)
Furnival Street/Arundel Lane (370023143)
Furnival Street/Arundel Lane (370023144)
Greenland Road/Britannia Road (370021835)
Greenland Road/Catley Road (370023728)
Greenland Road/Clipstone Road (370026754)
Greenland Road/Coleford Road (370020295)
Greenland Road/Coleford Road (370020300)
Greenland Road/Dannemora Drive (370026755)
Greenland Road/Greenland View (370020294)
Greenland Road/Greenland Way (370020296)
Greenland Road/Shepcote Lane (370020299)
Grimesthorpe Road/Botham Street (370020259)
Grimesthorpe Road/Margate Drive (370020230)
Hatfield House Lane/Bellhouse Road (370020813)
Hatfield House Lane/Etwall Way (370020904)
Hatfield House Lane/Etwell Way (370020903)
Hatfield House Lane/Molineaux Road (370020861)
Hatfield House Lane/Sicey Avenue (370020862)
Hemsworth Road/Ashbury Lane (370022087)
Hemsworth Road/Ashbury Lane (370022088)
Hemsworth Road/Backmoor Crescent (370022085)
Hemsworth Road/Backmoor Crescent (370022086)
Hemsworth Road/Bunting Nook (370022058)
Hemsworth Road/Derbyshire Lane (370022055)
Hemsworth Road/Norton Lane (370022089)
Hemsworth Road/Norton Lane (370022090)
Hemsworth Road/Warminster Road (370022057)
Herries Drive/Herries Avenue (370023335)
Herries Road/Boynton Road (370023316)
Herries Road/Galsworthy Road (370025504)
Herries Road/Herries Drive (370023312)
Herries Road/Herries Road South (370020497)
Herries Road/Herries Road South (370020498)
Herries Road/Norwood Avenue (370023630)
Herries Road/Penistone Road North (370020485)
Herries Road/Penistone Road North (370020487)
Herries Road/Scraith Wood Drive (370020502)
Herries Road/Shirecliffe Road (370023314)
Herries Road/Wordsworth Avenue (370023894)
Hillsborough Interchange/H3 (370010227)
Hollythorpe Rise/Thorpe House Road (370022250)
Leppings Lane/Eskdale Road (370020492)
Leppings Lane/Farndale Road (370020491)
Leppings Lane/Leake Road (370020490)
Leppings Lane/Vere Road (370020493)
Longley Avenue West/Crumpsall Avenue (370025518)
Longley Avenue West/Crumpsall Road (370020517)
Longley Avenue West/Parkwood Road North (370020516)
Longley Avenue West/Penrith Road (370020515)
Longley Avenue West/Shirecliffe Road (370023305)
Longley Avenue West/Teynham Road (370025512)
Longley Hall Road/Longley Avenue (370023836)
Longley Hall Road/Longley Hall Grove (370023544)
Longley Hall Road/Longley Hall Rise (370023547)
Longley Hall Road/Longley Hall Rise (370023548)
Longley Hall Road/Longley Hall Rise (370023765)
Longley Hall Road/Longley Hall Way (370023543)
Longley Hall Road/Longley Hall Way (370023545)
Longley Hall Road/Longley Lane (370023324)
Longley Lane/Barnsley Road (370020895)
Longley Lane/Barnsley Road (370027401)
Longley Lane/Longley Hall Road (370023322)
Longley Lane/Longley Hall Road (370027402)
Main Road/Catley Road (370021848)
Main Road/Greenland Road (370021837)
Manor Top Interchange/Hurlfield Road E1 (370023762)
Meadowhall Drive/Meadowhall Way (370027539)
Meadowhall Drive/Weedon Street (370027540)
Meadowhall Interchange/C5 (370010211)
Meadowhall Interchange/D2 (370010213)
Meadowhall Road/Hayland Street (370020998)
Meadowhall Road/Jenkin Road (370020999)
Meadowhall Road/Meadowhall Riverside (370026684)
Meadowhall Road/Meadowhall Way (370020992)
Meadowhall Road/Meadowhall Way (370020993)
Meadowhall Road/Meadowhall Way (370020996)
Meadowhall Road/Weedon Street (370020991)
Meersbrook Road/Carfield Avenue (370022545)
Meersbrook Road/Northcote Avenue (370022544)
Middlewood Road/Dixon Road (370020488)
Middlewood Road/Dykes Hall Road (370021424)
Middlewood Road/Leader Road (370025472)
Middlewood Road/Lennox Road (370023767)
Middlewood Road/Minto Road (370023766)
Middlewood Road/Shepperson Road (370020489)
Middlewood Road/Taplin Road (370023754)
Myrtle Road/Queens Road (370023300)
Norton Avenue/Bowman Drive (370022240)
Norton Avenue/Bowman Drive (370022241)
Norton Avenue/Bowman Drive (370022242)
Norton Avenue/Bowman Drive (370022243)
Norton Avenue/Leighton Road (370022660)
Norton Avenue/Leighton Road (370022661)
Norton Avenue/Lightwood Lane (370022237)
Norton Avenue/Lightwood Lane (370022238)
Norton Avenue/Mawfa Road (370022080)
Norton Avenue/Oaks Park View (370022079)
Norton Avenue/Raeburn Road (370022239)
Norton Avenue/Raeburn Road (370022244)
Norton Lees Road/Beverleys Road (370022261)
Norton Lees Road/Cliffe Field Road (370022259)
Norton Lees Road/Cliffe Field Road (370022260)
Norton Lees Road/Cockayne Place (370023822)
Norton Lees Road/Derbyshire Lane (370023821)
Norton Lees Road/Norton Lees Lane (370022262)
Owler Lane/Dunmow Road (370020817)
Owler Lane/Upwell Lane (370020816)
Owler Lane/Wensley Street (370020818)
Page Hall Road/Barretta Street (370021034)
Page Hall Road/Firth Park Road (370021035)
Page Hall Road/Rushby Street (370021033)
Paternoster Row/SS2 (370026712)
Penrith Road/Herries Road (370020507)
Penrith Road/Penrith Crescent (370020509)
Penrith Road/Penrith Crescent (370020510)
Penrith Road/Teynham Road (370020511)
Petre Street/Bland Street (370020255)
Pond Street/Paternoster Row (370027199)
Prince of Wales Road/Bowden Wood Crescent (370022775)
Prince of Wales Road/Bowden Wood Crescent (370023192)
Prince of Wales Road/Castlebeck Avenue (370023228)
Prince of Wales Road/City Road (370025292)
Prince of Wales Road/Elm Tree (370023803)
Prince of Wales Road/Fairleigh (370020269)
Prince of Wales Road/Fairleigh (370020270)
Prince of Wales Road/Greenwood Road (370023191)
Prince of Wales Road/Halsall Avenue (370021840)
Prince of Wales Road/Halsall Avenue (370021850)
Prince of Wales Road/Harborough Avenue (370020277)
Prince of Wales Road/Harborough Avenue (370025276)
Prince of Wales Road/Hastilar Road (370020285)
Prince of Wales Road/Hastilar Road (370020286)
Prince of Wales Road/Main Road (370021851)
Prince of Wales Road/Mather Road (370023190)
Prince of Wales Road/Motehall Road (370023227)
Prince of Wales Road/Noehill Road (370023226)
Prince of Wales Road/Parkway (370023686)
Prince of Wales Road/Poole Place (370021834)
Prince of Wales Road/Poole Place (370021852)
Prince of Wales Road/Queen Mary Road (370020287)
Prince of Wales Road/Queen Mary Road (370020288)
Prince of Wales Road/Ravencarr Road (370023223)
Prospect Road/Alexandra Road (370020014)
Prospect Road/Richards Road (370020015)
Richards Road/Richards Court (370022533)
Richards Road/Spencer Road (370023297)
Ridgeway Road/Chatsworth Park Road (370022602)
Ridgeway Road/Chatsworth Park Road (370022603)
Ridgeway Road/Corker Road (370022601)
Ridgeway Road/Gleadless Road (370022684)
Ridgeway Road/Gleadless Road (370022685)
Ridgeway Road/Hollinsend Road (370022688)
Ridgeway Road/Hollinsend Road (370022689)
Ridgeway Road/Hurlfield Road (370022605)
Ridgeway Road/Kirkby Avenue (370022687)
Ridgeway Road/Kirkby Road (370022686)
Ridgeway Road/Newlands Road (370022604)
Scarsdale Road/Chesterfield Road (370021817)
Sheffield Interchange/B6 (370010122)
Sheffield Interchange/C6 (370010128)
Shirecliffe Road/Boynton Road (370023307)
Shirecliffe Road/Boynton Road (370023308)
Shirecliffe Road/Herries Road (370023309)
Shirecliffe Road/Longley Avenue West (370023304)
Shoreham Street/Alderson Road (370023710)
Sicey Avenue/Stubbin Lane (370020908)
Spencer Road/Anns Road (370023296)
Thorpe House Avenue/Lees Hall Road (370022249)
Thorpe House Road/Hollythorpe Rise (370022248)
Upper Albert Road/Bishopscourt Road (370022253)
Upper Albert Road/Hollythorpe Rise (370022252)
Upper Albert Road/Lees Hall Avenue (370026714)
Upwell Lane/Earl Marshal Road (370020815)
Upwell Lane/Owler Lane (370023698)
Upwell Street/Birdwell Street (370020821)
Upwell Street/Carlisle Street East (370026745)
Upwell Street/Holywell Road (370026744)

Pilley Green and New Road, Pilley (Barnsley) -  23/01 to 19/02;

Posted: 20/01/2023 12:36:00

Affected dates: 23/01/2023 to 19/02/2023;

Reason: Emergency engineering work

Description: EXTENDED END DATE - drainage works on part of New Road, Pilley, between Lidgett Lane and Pilley Green mean buses will be unable to serve New Road and Pilley Green, and will need to divert via Lidgett Lane.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
Stagecoach Yorkshire:  67a,
Buses will need to divert via Lidgett Lane
Affected stops:
Carr Lane/New Road (370055117)
New Road/Pilley Green (370051191)
Pilley Green/Chapel Road (370055584)
Pilley Green/Lidgett Lane (370050461)

Sackup Lane and Kingsway, Darton (Barnsley) - AMENDMENT -  16/01 to 03/03;

Posted: 19/12/2022 11:50:00

Affected dates: 16/01/2023 to 03/03/2023;

Reason: Road closed

Description: Sackup Lane, Darton Lane & Kingsway, Darton (Barnsley) - closure 0700 to 1700 daily. AMENDED DIVERSION due to roadworks on Sackup Lane between Station Road and Bentham Way also affecting  Kingsway: Service 1 will omit Darton Lane and the south part of Sackup Lane and will operate via Towngate, Broadway and New Road resuming the rest of the normal route to Staincross and back. Service 486 will omit the south part of Sackup Lane and operate via Darton Lane, Kingsway, Broadway and New Road. Service 490 will omit Sackup Lane and the western end of New Road and operate via Station Road, Darton Lane, Kingsway, Broadway, New Road and back to normal route on Greenside and Spark Lane.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
Stagecoach Yorkshire:  1,
Service 1 will omit Darton Lane and the south part of Sackup Lane and will operate via Towngate, Broadway and New Road resuming the rest of the normal route to Staincross and back. 
Affected stops:
Darton Lane/Ibberson Avenue (370055253)
Darton Lane/Longlands Drive (370050679)
Darton Lane/Oaks Wood Drive (370050438)
Darton Lane/Sackup Lane (370055264)
Kingsway/Alton Way (370051196)
Kingsway/Broadway (370051193)
Kingsway/Princess Street (370056025)
Sackup Lane/Cranborne Drive (370050881)
Sackup Lane/Station Road (370050883)
Globe Holidays:  486,
Service 486 will omit the south part of Sackup Lane and operate via Darton Lane, Kingsway, Broadway and New Road.
Affected stops:
Kingsway/Alton Way (370051196)
Kingsway/Broadway (370051193)
Kingsway/Princess Street (370056025)
Kingsway/Sackup Lane (370056156)
Sackup Lane/Cranborne Drive (370050881)
Sackup Lane/Howden Close (370050882)
Sackup Lane/Station Road (370050883)
Sackup Lane/Station Road (370055512)
Globe Holidays:  490,
Service 490 will omit Sackup Lane and the western end of New Road and operate via Station Road, Darton Lane, Kingsway, Broadway, New Road and back to normal route on Greenside and
Spark Lane.
Affected stops:
Bloomhouse Lane/Woolley Colliery Road (370050879)
New Road/Broadway (370050893)
New Road/Longsight Road (370050892)
New Road/Princess Street (370050891)
Sackup Lane/Bentham Way (370050684)
Sackup Lane/Kingsway (370050878)
Sackup Lane/Pennine View (370055593)

St Lawrence Rd, Tinsley (Sheffield) -  24/01 onwards

Posted: 24/01/2023 09:00:00

Affected dates: 24/01/2023 onwards

Reason: Roadworks

Description: St Lawrence Road is blocked with badly parked cars in the road works.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
First South Yorkshire:  208,
Service 208 towards Sheffield is to use Bawtry Road and Sheffield Road.
Affected stops:
Attercliffe Common/Amberley Street (370020111)
Attercliffe Common/Arena Square (370025105)
Attercliffe Common/Arena Square (370025106)
Attercliffe Common/Clay Street (370027541)
Attercliffe Common/Terry Street (370020112)
Attercliffe Road/Effingham Road (370020033)
Attercliffe Road/Effingham Road (370020034)
Attercliffe Road/Fell Road (370020117)
Attercliffe Road/Norfolk Bridge (370023468)
Attercliffe Road/Princess Street (370023475)
Attercliffe Road/Saville Street (370023487)
Attercliffe Road/Shortridge Street (370025036)
Attercliffe Road/Staniforth Road (370020032)
Attercliffe Road/Warren Street (370023508)
Attercliffe Road/Washford Road (370020030)
Attercliffe Road/Windsor Street (370020029)
Attercliffe Road/Worksop Road (370020031)
Attercliffe Road/Zion Lane (370023769)
Bawtry Road/Ackworth Drive (370023270)
Bawtry Road/Ackworth Drive (370023271)
Bawtry Road/Brinsworth Grange (370030211)
Bawtry Road/Grange Lane (370030210)
Bawtry Road/Norborough Road (370023260)
Bawtry Road/Park House Lane (370023264)
Bawtry Road/Park House Lane (370023269)
Bawtry Road/St Lawrence Road (370023267)
Bawtry Road/St Lawrence Road (370023268)
Bawtry Road/Yew Tree Drive (370023262)
Bawtry Road/Yew Tree Drive (370023263)
Blackburn Meadows Way/Sheffield Road (370027538)
Bonet Lane/Bawtry Road (370030208)
Bonet Lane/Bawtry Road (370030209)
Bonet Lane/Brinsworth Lane (370035114)
Bonet Lane/Hill Top Close (370030207)
Bonet Lane/St Georges Drive (370035148)
Bonet Lane/Winchester Way (370030206)
Brinsworth Lane/Poplar Drive (370030043)
Brinsworth Lane/Poplar Drive (370030045)
Castle Street/CG22 (370023844)
Dunlop Street/Carbrook Street (370027546)
Dunlop Street/Yarmouth Street (370027545)
East Bawtry Road/Hind Road (370030861)
East Bawtry Road/Lease Gate Road (370035139)
East Bawtry Road/Maynard Road (370030315)
East Bawtry Road/Newman Road (370035030)
East Bawtry Road/Redrock Road (370030303)
East Bawtry Road/Worrygoose Lane (370031022)
Flat Street/Fitzalan Square (370022788)
Meadowhall Drive/Meadowhall Way (370027539)
Meadowhall Drive/Weedon Street (370027540)
Meadowhall Way/Vulcan Road (370020971)
Meadowhall Way/Vulcan Road (370020972)
Meadowhall Way/Vulcan Road (370023577)
Savile Street/Attercliffe Road (370023483)
Savile Street/Attercliffe Road (370023485)
Savile Street/Spital Hill (370026715)
Sheffield Interchange/C1 (370010123)
Sheffield Interchange/C3 (370010125)
Sheffield Road/Tinsley Roundabout (370020969)
St Lawrence Road/Bawtry Road (370023266)
St Lawrence Road/Highgate (370023256)
St Lawrence Road/Norborough Road (370023280)
St Lawrence Road/Sheffield Road (370027326)
Waingate/CG19 (370022815)
West Bawtry Road/Bawtry Road (370030202)
West Bawtry Road/Bawtry Road (370030204)
West Bawtry Road/Canklow Road (370031177)
West Bawtry Road/Centenary Way (370030203)
West Bawtry Road/Long Lane (370030614)
West Bawtry Road/Long Lane (370035140)
West Bawtry Road/Moorgate Road (370031023)
West Bawtry Road/Pleasley Road (370030302)
Whitehill Lane/Bawtry Road (370030200)
Whitehill Lane/Bawtry Road (370030201)
Whitehill Lane/Duncan Street (370035378)
Whitehill Lane/Ellis Street (370035361)
Whitehill Road/Brinsworth Lane (370030046)
Whitehill Road/Brinsworth Lane (370035629)
Whitehill Road/Sunnybank Crescent (370035129)
Whitehill Road/Whitehill Avenue (370035111)
Whitehill Road/Whitehill Drive (370030167)
Whitehill Road/Whitehill Drive (370035865)
Whitehill Road/Willowgarth Avenue (370030168)
Whitehill Road/Willowgarth Avenue (370030169)
Wicker/Blonk Street (370026733)
Wicker/Derek Dooley Way (370022846)

Surrey Street, City Centre (Sheffield) -  06/02 onwards

Posted: 06/02/2023 14:38:00

Affected dates: 06/02/2023 onwards

Reason: Road closed

Description: Due to the risk of falling street furniture, Surrey Street is currently closed until further notice.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
South Pennine Community Transport:  sc,
Sheffield Connect to operate as normal to Castle Square at the junction with High Street then divert via High Street and Church Street before resuming normal route on Trippet Lane.

Please use bus stop HS5 on High Street.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
Affected stops:
Norfolk Street/Tudor Street (370027626)
Surrey Street/Barkers Pool (370027627)

Temporary change to service X74 -  02/10 onwards

Posted: 29/09/2022 23:00:00

Affected dates: 02/10/2022 onwards

Reason: Unknown

Description: From Monday 3 October, the 07:10 departure from Sheffield on service X74 will be unable to run until further notice.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
Cawthorne's Travel:  x74,
The 07:10 departure from Sheffield will be unable to operate.

Please use the 06:40 departure from Sheffield on service X74.
Alternatively, please use the 07:40 departure on service X54 (TM Travel) for journeys towards Catcliffe and Waverley.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
Affected stops:
Broad Street/Blast Lane (370023085)
Broad Street/Park Square (370023086)
Commercial Street/CG1 (370022817)
Cricket Inn Road/Aston Street (370027107)
Cricket Inn Road/Bernard Road (370023707)
Cricket Inn Road/Bernard Road (370023708)
Cricket Inn Road/Cricket Inn Crescent (370020078)
Cricket Inn Road/Cricket Inn Crescent (370027106)
Cricket Inn Road/Derwent Street (370027108)
Europa Court/Europa View (370026750)
Europa Link/Britannia Way (370027165)
Europa Link/Britannia Way (370027166)
Europa Link/Europa Court (370027352)
Europa Link/Wood Lane (370023883)
High Field Spring/Poplar Way (370035798)
High Field Spring/Whittle Way (370035808)
Parkway Avenue/Kettlebridge Road (370020309)
Parkway Avenue/Kettlebridge Road (370020310)
Parkway Avenue/Parkway Close (370020096)
Parkway Avenue/Parkway Close (370020098)
Parkway Avenue/Parkway Close (370025097)
Parkway Avenue/Woodbourn Road (370020093)
Parkway Avenue/Woodbourn Road (370020094)
Parkway Avenue/Woodbourn Road (370020095)
Poplar Way/Parkway (370030034)
Poplar Way/Parkway (370035485)
Sheffield Interchange (370070005)
Woodbourn Road/Parkway Avenue (370020091)
Woodbourn Road/Parkway Avenue (370020092)

Thurnscoe (Barnsley) -  18/10 onwards

Posted: 17/10/2022 23:00:00

Affected dates: 18/10/2022 onwards

Reason: Vandalism

Description: Due to anti-social behaviour, Stagecoach services are unable to serve Thurnscoe after 5pm until further notice Services subject to diversion. UPDATED

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
Stagecoach Yorkshire:  219, 219a, 226,
Last services through to Thurnscoe:

219 at 16.00 from Barnsley
219 at 16.35 from Doncaster 
226 at 15.55 from Barnsley
226 at 16.36 from Thurnscoe. 

Services 219/219a to turn around at Gt. Houghton back to Cathill and along A635 back to Goldthorpe then onto Doncaster

Services 219/219a to Goldthorpe then via A635 to Cathill to Gt Houghton then back to Barnsley.

Service 226 to terminate at Goldthorpe (to/from Barnsley).

Towngate, Kensington Avenue and Westfield Avenue, Thurlstone (Barnsley)  -  13/02 to 20/02;

Posted: 31/01/2023 16:42:00

Affected dates: 13/02/2023 to 20/02/2023;

Reason: Road closed

Description: Electricity works will close part of Towngate and part of Westfield Avenue. As a result buses will operate directly along Thurlstone Road and omit Towngate, Kensington Avenue and Westfield Avenue.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
Globe Coaches:  23, South Pennine Community Transport:  25, 25a,
Buses will operate direct along Thurlstone Road
Affected stops:
Kensington Avenue/Windsor Avenue (370055871)
Towngate/New Smithy Avenue (370055846)
Westfield Avenue/Westfield Lane (370055870)

West Lane, Sykehouse (Doncaster) -  06/02; 07/02; 08/02; 09/02; 10/02;

Posted: 06/02/2023 07:56:00

Affected dates: 06/02/2023; 07/02/2023; 08/02/2023; 09/02/2023; 10/02/2023;

Reason: Road closed

Description: West Lane will be closed between the junctions of Bate Lane and Flashley Carr Lane for carriageway repair work from Monday 6 February until Friday 10 February (08:00 - 18:00 each day)

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
Wilfreda Beehive:  457,
Towards Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School, service 457 to start from Bate Lane in Sykehouse.

Towards Kirkhouse Green, service 457 will terminate at Bate Lane.

Kirkhouse Green will be unserved during this period.

Please make alternative arrangements,

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
Affected stops:
Moss Road/Braithwaite Lane (370045711)
Moss Road/Flashley Carr Lane (370045782)
First South Yorkshire:  84b,
Towards Sykehouse, service 84b to operate as normal to Main Street at the junction with Trundle Lane then divert via Main Street, Pinfold Lane, Sorrell Lane, Geeseness Lane, Black Syke Lane, Wormley Hill Lane, Rudgate Lane, Pincheon Green Lane, Marsh Hill Lane, Sykehouse Road and Broad Lane before terminating at Bate Lane.

Towards Doncaster, service 84b to depart from Bate Lane and operate normal route.
Kirkhouse Green will be unserved during this period.

Please make alternative arrangements.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
Affected stops:
Moss Road/Braithwaite Lane (370045711)