Steve's story

Steve is part of the Bus Services Team at Travel South Yorkshire. He shared his experience of keeping active while working from home during the last few months.

'Previously I walked from home to the office and back each day and would usually have a short walk around town a couple of times a week pre COVID-19  during my lunch break – but this was mainly to get stuff we’d forgotten to get at the supermarket over the weekend. Missing the walk in the morning and evening prompted me to start including a walk into my working from home routine.

Norfolk Park and the Cholera Monument are within a ten minute  walk of my house. I’ve very much enjoyed exploring Norfolk Park, despite living here for several years, it wasn’t a place I visited often. It’s a lovely park and I’ve been keeping tabs on a sparrow hawk that resides somewhere in or nearby. I’ve seen her a few times flying over when I’ve been walking. It’s nice to see, particularly given how close to the city centre I am.

I probably get out for a lunchtime walk twice a week on average, but I’ve also been walking into town since the market has re-opened for shopping - which is considerably less fun when laden up on the way home as its all uphill! I have also discovered a nice little nature trail in Norfolk Park which was new to me.

The break away from my desk in my dining room is enjoyable and I try to walk at a good pace, so it counts as some exercise. I enjoy being outdoors full stop, so I always feel much better when I return home afterwards.  I do plan to continue, and I prefer walking in the winter where there are less folk out and about.'