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Tram Train

Rail Disruption - Industrial Action  -  30/09 to 08/10;

Posted: 20/09/2022 23:00:00

Affected dates: 30/09/2022 to 08/10/2022;

Reason: Industrial action

Description: Due to further industrial action, there will be extremely limited services running on the rail network on Saturday 1, Wednesday 5 and Saturday 8 October.

There are also likely to be issues with services on Sunday 2, Thursday 5 and Sunday 9 October, as many vehicles won't be in the correct places for start of service.

All rail companies which operate services in or through South Yorkshire will be affected.

Impact: Very severe

Mode:  Tram
Stagecoach Supertram:  TT,
Two Tram Train services an hour will operate between 07:27 and 17:27 from Cathedral to Parkgate and from 07:59 to 17:59 from Parkgate to Cathedral. Full details here - https://www.stagecoachbus.com/news/yorkshire/2022/october-2022/network-rail-industrial-action

At other times, Tram Train services will operate between Cathedral and Meadowhall Interchange only.

At times when Tram Train services are unable to serve Rotherham and Parkgate in full, valid tram tickets will be accepted on First and Stagecoach bus services in the affected areas. You can plan your journey online here using the Travel South Yorkshire journey planner. 

Please note Tram Train services are not affected by strike action taking place on 5 October and a normal service is planned to operate on this date.
Affected stops:
Arena/Olympic Legacy Park (9400ZZSYDVS1)
Arena/Olympic Legacy Park (9400ZZSYDVS2)
Attercliffe (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYATT1)
Attercliffe (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYATT2)
Carbrook (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYCRB1)
Carbrook (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYCRB2)
Castle Square (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYCAS1)
Castle Square (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYCAS2)
Cathedral (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYCAT2)
Cricket Inn Road (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYCIR1)
Cricket Inn Road (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYCIR2)
Fitzalan Sq - Ponds Forge (S Yorks Supertram) (9400ZZSYFIZ1)
Fitzalan Sq - Ponds Forge (S Yorks Supertram) (9400ZZSYFIZ2)
Hyde Park (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYHYP1)
Hyde Park (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYHYP2)
Meadowhall South - Tinsley (S Yorks Supertram) (9400ZZSYMHS1)
Meadowhall South - Tinsley (S Yorks Supertram) (9400ZZSYMHS2)
Nunnery Square (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYNUN1)
Nunnery Square (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYNUN2)
Parkgate (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYPAR)
Rotherham Station (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYRTH1)
Rotherham Station (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYRTH2)
Valley Centertainment (S Yorks Supertram) (9400ZZSYVEN1)
Valley Centertainment (S Yorks Supertram) (9400ZZSYVEN2)
Woodbourn Road (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYWBN1)
Woodbourn Road (South Yorkshire Supertram) (9400ZZSYWBN2)
Mode:  Train
It is anticipated that there will be a very minimal number of trains running on strike days. 

Further information can be found at National Rail - https://www.nationalrail.co.uk/service_disruptions/industrialaction.aspx