Locating your bus stop number

Your bus stop number can be found on the bus stop flag, on the side of a bus shelter or on the bottom of the timetable information. Your stop number will always start with 370.
Here is an example: 37022510

Search by Bus Service Number

If you are using the internet on your computer or on your smartphone you can search for the specific bus service that you require. Once this service has been found you can choose the stop along its route that you want the real-time information for.

Search by Postcode

If you are using the internet you can enter a postcode and you will be able to view all the stops round the entered postcode and choose the correct one. Your results can even be viewed on a map making it easier for you to navigate and find the correct stop.

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Live departure tools

You can get live departures in a way to suit you - smartphone, text or computer

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