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  • Get your workplace walking!

    On average, people spent about an hour a day travelling in 2017, but only 12 minutes of that time is spent walking. Crucially, office workers are one of the most sedentary populations, spending 70-85% of time at work sitting. Offering regular health walks can help inject some activity into the working week, encourage colleagues to socialise and over time can help to keep them healthier and fitter. 

    Setting up your own workplace walk(s) is easier than you think. We can help get you started and support you to set-up your own walks. We have a team of qualified walk leaders who can scope out potential routes, help develop risk assessments and provide all the support and guidance you will need. And, the best part, we can offer this at no cost to your workplace.

    Meet our walk leaders

    We have a team of trained walk leaders who can help your work place set up organised walks.  

    Walk leader Laura
    Walk Leader Gail
    Walk Leader Matt
    Walk Leader Autumn
    Walk leader Nicola
    Walk Leader Denise


    Meet the team

    Meet Matt: 

    “A lunch time walk helps me relax. I find it helps my mental health and well-being just as much as my physical well-being.”

    Meet Gail: 

    “The health walks mean I get to see parts of the city that I wouldn’t normally notice whilst travelling into work.”

    Meet Denise: 

    “I enjoyed a nice walk occasionally but never really found the time to do this on the days I was at work – now I can!”


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