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    Tram Train

    Passengers in South Yorkshire will be the first in the country to benefit from pioneering Tram Trains that will provide a direct service from Sheffield city centre to Rotherham Central and Parkgate, travelling on street tramlines and the national rail network.

    About Tram Train Tram Train arrival  

    About Tram Train

    The new Tram Train

    Tram Trains will allow passengers to make a single journey between tram stops and conventional rail stations. The new vehicles will initially be introduced on the existing Supertram network in 2017 prior to operation on the Tram Train service between Sheffield Cathedral and Parkgate, via the heavy rail network at a later date.

    The Government is working in partnership with South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE), Network Rail, Stagecoach Supertram and Northern Rail to pilot this pioneering technology.

    For more information on the Tram Train project visit the Tram Train page on the SYPTE website.

    Tram Train arrival

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