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Rotherham Interchange refurb reaches halfway point


What's happening:

Construction work started on Monday 30 April for the £12 million upgrade and refurbishment of Rotherham Interchange. The works will see improved lighting, glazing, seating and Passenger Information Displays (PIDs), plus new floors and a CCTV system for the interchange.

Latest progress:

To mark the halfway point of Rotherham Interchange refurbishment works and highlight the contractors reaching the highest point in the building, local councillors, our directors and project managers, and the press were invited to check the progress on Thursday 11 October. 

“We now have a good view of how the works are shaping up and it’s exciting to see what’s about to come. The stripping of the building has been completed, much of the new glazing has been installed and the building has been re-wired”, said SYPTE’s Director of Public Transport, Ben Gilligan.

“The top floor of the car park has been resurfaced and weather-proofed and the wider parking bays and pedestrian route painted. Twenty-one crates full of solar panels are ready to be placed on the roof in the coming weeks, providing at least 70 per cent of the building’s energy”, 

“Whilst there is still a fair bit of work to do within the concourse areas it’s great to know that the works are on track. A sample of the ceiling cladding and lighting fixtures was in place and it was good to see how they’ll improve customers’ experience at the Interchange. The refurbishment will deliver safer, brighter and lighter premises for all users.”

Rotherham Interchange refurb topping out group


Rotherham Interchange refurb platforms

More information:

Forge Island service and stand information

A temporary facility has been built at Forge Island to accommodate the bus services whilst the works are being carried out, minimising customer disruption. Additional temporary stops are also on Corporation Street.

Information on bus stand allocation at Forge Island and Corporation Street and map are available to download below:

Timetable information

Timetables for services running to and from Forge island are available through our Timetable Finder - just type in your service number.

Facilities available

While the works take place, the interchange and car park will be closed, but the café, shops in the mall and customer toilets will remain open. 

A cash only ticket machine will be available at Rotherham Interchange, and customers will be able to use a card only ticket machine at Forge Island bus station.



Updated: 18 October 2018 

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