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Barnsley Safer Bus Station Award


Barnsley Interchange has been presented with a national award for measures taken to provide a safe environment for both passengers and staff. 

Operated by South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE), the interchange has been accredited with the Safer Bus Station award, making it one of only 13 bus stations in the country to hold the title. 

The recognition comes as SYPTE has made a number of improvements to safety and security across the interchange, which has resulted in 76%* of passengers recently reporting that they feel fairly or very safe whilst in the interchange. 

As part of SYPTE’s long term commitment to improving its customer service offer to meet the needs of all passengers, employees at Barnsley Interchange have recently begun a trial introduction of wearing body cameras when on duty. 

Customer service ambassadors at Barnsley Interchange are the first in South Yorkshire to benefit from this new technology, and if the trial is a success cameras will be supplied to staff across all South Yorkshire interchanges. 

Along with Sheffield Interchange, Barnsley Interchange also follows the Safer Place guidelines, providing a temporary safe refuge and assistance for adults who may find themselves in difficult situations when out and about. 

Read the full press release on the SYPTE website.

Barnsley Safer Bus Station Award

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