Senior Pass (ENCTS) - Frequently asked questions

Q. What documents do I need to apply for a Senior Pass ?  

A. Visit our 'What do I need to apply' page to see the full list of proof documents we accept and photo guidelines. 

Q. How long will my Senior Pass be valid for ? 

A. All newly issued Senior Passes will be valid for five years from the date you apply or become eligible for the pass (in case you apply before you reach the qualifying age).  If you are replacing a lost or stolen pass the expiry date on your new pass will be the same as on the pass you are replacing.

Q. Will I be sent a new pass automatically when my current pass expires ? 

A. Your new pass will be sent to you automatically and should arrive 4-6 weeks before your current pass expires.  All you need to do is look out for it landing on your doormat. You can read more on our Senior Renewals page.

Q: My Senior Pass has already expired; how can I renew it ? 

A: If your Senior Pass expired in 2016, or earlier, you will need to apply for a new one, visit our Senior Pass main page to find out how.  If your pass is due to expire in the next few months then we will send you a new pass automatically. 

Q. I’ve moved house since my last pass was issued, what should I do ? 

A. Please complete the change of address form.

Q. Do I need to provide a new photograph when replacing my ENCT pass ? 

A. No, you do not generally need to provide a photograph to replace your pass. However, if you believe your appearance has significantly changed since you last application, you do need to provide a new photograph. Otherwise, you may be denied free travel on public transport. We've provided guidance on photos we accept on our 'What do I need to apply' page.

Q. I have applied for my pass today. How long will it be before I receive my pass ? 

A. We aim to dispatch your pass within 11 days of receiving your completed online application.  If you apply by paper we aim to dispatch your pass within 25 days of receiving your completed application form.