Senior Pass auto renewal

Renew your Senior Pass

Sit back and relax, your new Senior Pass is on the way!

Senior Pass auto renewal

Your new pass will be sent to you automatically. All you need to do is look out for it landing on your doormat.

Your new pass should arrive 4-6 weeks before your current pass expires. If your pass hasn’t arrived 4 weeks before your current pass expires, please let us know by emailing or calling 01709 515151.


Moved house?

If you have changed address since your last pass was issued, please complete the change of address form.

New photo

If your appearance has changed since your last pass you will need to send us a new photo at least 8 weeks before your pass expires. 

You can send us a photo in two ways: 

  • Email: You can email it to us at stating your full name, post code and date of birth. The photograph must be sent as a JPEG or JPG file and must follow the Photo Guidance
  • Post: You can post it to us. Please make sure the photo is supplied following the Photo Guidance and write your full name, post code and date of birth on the back of it.

If you need to update your photo and it is less than 8 weeks before your pass expires you will need to apply for a new pass.

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