MegaTravel Pass - Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. My child starts secondary school in September but is not 11 until near the end of August. Do I have to wait to apply until after their birthday?

A. No you can apply any time before their birthday.

Q. My daughter is going to be 11 in September and will be in Year 6 but she is still at junior school so will she need a pass yet or is it just senior school children?

A. All school children aged 11-16 must have a MegaTravel pass to benefit from discounted travel, however even children younger than 11 can apply for this pass

Q. We live in Barnsley but my child attends school in Wakefield. Would this pass be suitable for her to use?

A. Not to travel to school because this pass is only valid in South Yorkshire.  However, we’d still recommend getting a MegaTravel pass so your child can benefit from discounted travel within South Yorkshire.

Q. Why can't my child just show their passport, birth certificate, or other proof of age?

A. SYPTE only funds children's concessionary fares in South Yorkshire. They are available only to residents of South Yorkshire. The MegaTravel pass is the acceptable proof that shows the driver your child is a resident in South Yorkshire.

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