Disabled Pass (ENCTS) - Frequently asked questions

Q: How long will my Disabled Person's Pass (ENCTS) be valid for?

A. The newly issued Disabled Person’s passes will generally be valid for five years unless your certificate from Social Services tells us to issue the pass for a shorter period. 

Disabled passes are valid until your 66th birthday after which you will automatically revert to a Senior Pass. Exceptions for Disability pass holders aged 66 and wanting to keep it are only valid for Blind, or partially sighted and disabled passes with companion.

If you are replacing a lost or stolen pass the expiry date on your new pass will be the same as on the pass you are replacing.

Q: My disabled person’s pass is about to expire. How do I renew it?

A: If you have a MyTSY account, you will be informed on your pass page whether your pass is a renewal or needs to be referred, alternately you can contact Traveline who can advise you on what should be done. Please note that Blind and Visually impaired passes will automatically be renewed.

Q: Can I renew my disabled person’s pass by post?

A: If you have your new letter of eligibility from social services (or if we’ve told you we don’t need to see one) you can order your pass online or you can send your application with your new letter of eligibility to the address on the paper application form (PDF, 447Kb).

If you have changed your address since your last communication with us you will need to provide proof of your new residence. You will not be required to update your photograph unless your appearance has changed significantly since your previous photo was taken.

Once you have your letter of entitlement (or if you don’t need one) you can apply for a renewal up to two months in advance of the expiry date printed on your pass.

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