Coronavirus Public Transport Information

#StaySafeSaveLives - Do not use public transport unless you need to

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Check temporary changes to bus, tram and rail services across South Yorkshire   Updated: 5 July 2020 

Social distancing 

last updated: 8 June 2020

What we need you to do

You can play your part by only making essential journeys – only using public transport where there is no alternative – and keeping your distance from each other in interchanges and when queuing at bus stops. 

Notices and floor markers at stops will help people to stay safe. 

You must wear a face covering when you use public transport. 

Sit apart from others on buses, trams and trains. Seats will be marked as available onboard to help you distance. 

If you can, use the upper deck on any double deck buses or take the window seat to leave more space.

What are we doing ?

We’ve implemented a number of social distancing measures at our interchanges to keep you and our people safe. 

This includes: 

  • limiting the number of team members at our customer services desks
  • installing screens and floor vinyls to help you move around our interchanges safely.
  • PA systems will also share the latest government advice.
  • Hand sanitiser is available and our toilets are free to use to ensure you can wash your hands regularly. 

Interchange keyworker adding floor vinyl

What are operators doing? 


In order to enable social distancing, buses will be operating at a reduced capacity with only around one in four seats being available for customers and no standing allowed. Operators are communicating with customers about how to social distance on board via:

  • vehicle capacity signs and vinyls on each bus showing the maximum number of passengers that can be carried at any one time. - Double decker – 20, Single decker- 11, Minibus – 7, Midi bus - 10

  • Posters on buses to clearly show where you should/shouldn’t sit to maintain a safe distance. Customers are advised to sit in a window seat, leaving an empty row of seats in front and behind. Passengers are not permitted to stand on board vehicles.

  • New ‘Bus Full’ messages on vehicle destination boards to advise customers when a vehicle has reached its reduced capacity. Drivers will only allow another passenger to board if a passenger gets off. 


Supertram is currently determining the measures they will employ to enable social distancing on their tram and tram train vehicles. Measures being considered include:

  • Marking a number of seats out of use on tram (seats affected will be taped off and signed)

  • Vinyls on the doors of trams, both internal and external facing, with key safety messages

  • Posters on trams with key safety messages

  • Updating on-board audio announcements to raise awareness of seats marked ‘out of use’. 


Each train operator is applying appropriate measures for each individual vehicle type to ensure social distancing can be achieved. These include:

  • Seat bands (or red and green labels) will be applied to indicate which seats are ‘out of use’ and where customers can sit to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

  • Each operator will apply consideration where customers are travelling with companions and seating space need to be provided close together.

  • Hazard tape will be in place around control panels to ensure staff can access them safely.

  • Sections of the train will be isolated to segregate staff and customers.

  • Social distancing and signs in place at passenger touch points (in carriages, on doors etc.).

  • Signage on toilets encouraging social distancing when entering/exiting.

  • Posters to remind passengers to follow Government’s guidance on hygiene and handwashing.