Defibrillators now at every Northern station across South Yorkshire

Life-saving defibrillators have now been installed at every Northern railway station across South Yorkshire.  

The scheme was partly funded by South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA) and has seen a total of 36 new defibrillators installed in the last few months of 2022. 
Every defibrillator has step-by-step, spoken word instructions built-in to it which explain how to use it on someone in an emergency.  

Computers inside the defibrillators work to analyse a person’s heart rhythms to find out if an electric shock is needed. Electrodes then automatically deliver the shock if required.    

All of the life-saving units have been added to the national register and training will be offered by the local ambulance service to station staff along with local communities.   

Visit Northern Railway’s web page for more information and locations of the new defibrillators across South Yorkshire.