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Meet Babeth

Meet Babeth

Babeth Bettencourt, from SYPTE, has started walking to work every day in an attempt to integrate physical activity into her routine.

“I kept trying to go to the gym three times a week, but finding enough time to exercise was proving challenging and tough to stick at.”

Babeth also wanted to make the most the nice weather by exercising in the outdoors instead of inside a gym.

“I’ve always enjoyed walking and I’m pleased to finally find a way to do it regularly. Now I start my day at work feeling refreshed and healthier after a good brisk walk. The sunshine is gorgeous and I notice things on the way that I didn’t used to see before.”

“I live near the city centre, it’s just 1.8 mile. It’s a levelled straight line, so I knew it wouldn’t be very hard. In fact, it takes me only 10 minutes longer to walk, than if I travel by bus or tram. And my commute is still around 35 minutes from door to door. My next step is to try different routes and get to know my surroundings even better!”

The combination of using public transport and getting active on her commute suits Babeth who still uses the bus or tram to get home at the end of the day.

“On the bus or tram I can wind down, read or catch up with friends on Facebook in comfort on my way back. It’s a bit of me time which I really enjoy! ”

Meet James

Meet James

James Wilson is a nursery worker who lives and works in the Middlewood area of Sheffield. He has recently taken to cycling as an alternative to catching the tram to work. For any trips across the city, James still hops on the tram – he’s a self-confessed tram geek! 

James says, “I decided to make the switch to cycling as work isn't too far away from my home, so it would enable me to get some exercise done without going too crazy.  

“I cycle or take the tram depending on what I am doing.  It’s great to have the choice and has made a big difference. Cycling on my commute has helped my fitness quite a lot, it's a small step but the change has helped me feel more energised!”

James has also noticed a difference in his cycling ability since he started using his bike to get to work. He said, “The change has helped me achieve new goals such as being able to cycle up hills on a higher gear, using more strength and energy. It’s given me the motivation to keep fit and to work towards setting myself little targets within my daily cycle. It’s also helped me gain new skills with maintaining my bike. 

“Before, I didn't have the motivation but now I absolutely love to get the bike out and head off.”

If you think cycling could help you make some changes, you can get the lowdown on everything bike in South Yorkshire on our cycling page.