Behaviour Charter

The Behaviour Guide has been developed jointly by the South Yorkshire Local Authority Education Transport Officers, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, South Yorkshire Police, Transport Operators and Schools 

The aim of this guidance is to help ensure all pupils receive a safe and timely journey to and from school. It sets out to encourage all partners to adopt an approach of reinforcing positive behaviour of pupils during the journey to and from school, raising behavioural expectations, and acknowledging where pupils act against the aim. A positive approach encouraging appropriate behaviour is an important part of a pupil’s educational experience.  

The guidance makes clear the roles and responsibilities of all partners. These partners are:

  • Bus and tram operators
  • Pupils, parents and carers
  • The school management team
  • Local Authority Education Transport Officers
  • South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE)
  • South Yorkshire Police

>> Download a PDF copy of the Behaviour Guide (PDF, 6Mb)


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