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Any one-way ride. Any bus or tram. Anywhere in South Yorkshire.

You'll pay a maximum of £2 on your bus or tram journey with new capped single fares. This will save customers up to 50% on some trips and reduce the cost of over 700,000 journeys that currently cost more than £2.

Bus and tram ticket prices

  • £2 adult - any one-way ride on bus or tram anywhere in South Yorkshire.
  • 80p child - young people will still pay 80p a journey on bus or tram with a Zoom travel pass
  • Bus and tram journeys which already cost under £2 will not be affected.
  • The £2 fare cap only applies to single tickets. 1, 7, 28 day and annual tickets are still available.
  • From 1 November, single tram fares will be capped at £2.80

What services can I use?

£2 fares are available on any bus or tram service which starts and ends in South Yorkshire, including services operated by First South Yorkshire, Stagecoach Yorkshire, Supertram, Globe, South Pennine, Hulleys and TM Travel.

How to pay

Simply ask your driver or conductor for your ticket onboard. You can pay using contactless or cash.

If you’re 21 or under you'll need to show a valid Zoom travel pass to get the 80p fare.

Help for Households

The Government's fare cap introduced on 1 January 2023, is an extension to the price freeze South Yorkshire residents have benefitted from, since the Mayor's Fare was introduced in November 2022.  

The national £2 capped fare applies until 31 October 2023, after which it will rise to £2.50 until 30 November 2024.

Read more about South Yorkshire's Mayor's plans to fix our public transport on our Better Transport page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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