Angela's story

Angela Greenwood

Whatever your feelings about the lock-down period there’s no doubt about it – for most of us it did mean an increase in our physical activity levels. Will we keep it up? Can we maintain walking, cycling and generally being more active every day now some of the restrictions that kick started these new behaviours are being lifted?  

Here Angela Greenwood tells us about her experience:

‘Before the Covid-19 outbreak and the lock-down period I was driving to work every day, roughly a 4.5-mile journey from Woodseats, Sheffield, to Attercliffe.

Like most people, from mid-March, I was working from home and staying in my local area as much as possible. I made essential trips out of the house for exercise and food shopping and I did all of these on foot. This part of the experience was positive for me. It meant that my fitness level improved as I was leaving the car on the drive. I also really enjoyed seeing parts of my neighbourhood that I hadn’t before – visiting parks and places I didn’t know existed that are on my doorstep.

Now the restrictions are easing, in all honesty, the trips I will need to make to the office will probably be by car, but I will be rethinking each and every trip and if it can be done in a more active and sustainable way, it shall be.

By staying local, I feel like I’ve supported my local shops and economy. I think it’s important for me to keep that up and support those businesses. It means I won’t use the car too. I’m very conscious of that now – I don’t have to make all my trips by car and the benefits aren’t just seen by me and my own health. If I can contribute to there being less traffic in the area and local shops surviving, then that’s only a good thing’.