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  • Why cycle? 

    Cycling is one of the easiest ways to fit exercise into your daily routine – you can ride almost anywhere and at any time of the year. On top of that, it’s a great form of reliable transport and low-impact exercise on your joints. There are lots of other benefits associated with switching to two pedals, here are just a few!  

    Healthy body 

    Cycling is an aerobic activity, which means your heart, lungs and blood vessels all get a work out. Research has proven that over time, cycling will help reduce your blood pressure and your resting heart rate. The University of Glasgow research found people who commute by bike had a 41% lower risk of developing heart disease. 

    It’s also a great way of controlling or reducing your weight, as it raises your metabolic rate, builds muscle and burns body fat. Cycling is a comfortable form of exercise and even better, you can alter the time and intensity – so it can be built up slowly to suit you. A 20-minute bike ride can burn the same number of calories in a cappuccino, a bar of chocolate or a 175ml glass of wine - so a small change really can make a big difference to your waistline.

    Healthy mind 

    In addition to the many physical health benefits, cycling can also play a part in supporting the wellbeing of a healthy mind. Cycling can increase your mental alertness, energy, positive mood and self-esteem. You know that little feel good buzz you get after exercise? That’s all down to the body releasing endorphins or ‘happy hormones’ as they’re also known, which when released, positively change our mood. 

    Time saving 

    Fed up with sitting in traffic jams on your commute to work? Well, you’re not alone - research carried out by the Local Government Association found motorists spend nearly five days a year stuck in traffic due to the ever-increasing congestion on our roads. The Department for Transport also predict an 85% rise in congestion by 2040 so the issue is only going to get worse. Why not ditch the car and the stress and arrive at work feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. 

    Money saving 

    Cycling is beneficial for your pocket too as you won’t have to fork out on the wear and tear costs of running a car, no need for parking and no need for fuel – well, other than food! Don’t worry if you don’t own your own bike yet or your bike isn’t quite up to scratch, there are a lot of options out there in South Yorkshire for bike loans, cycle training and bike health checks – all completely free of charge. 

    Environmentally friendly 

    Choosing to cycle means you’re playing a huge part in tackling air pollution and even protecting yourself from the polluted air. Research has shown that those who travel by car can experience five times higher pollution levels than those who cycle and three and a half times than more those walking the same route. Opting for the bike means zero emissions and a healthier you!  

    Get cycling

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