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  • CityBus

    CityBus tickets

    CityBus tickets can be used all day, on any bus in Sheffield regardless of which bus company runs the service*. This means more buses to choose from, better value for money and less waiting around.

    What kind of tickets can you get?

    You can choose from these TravelMaster CityBus tickets:

    What can you use CityBus tickets for?

    CityBus tickets offer travel on any bus within Sheffield*, providing you with more travel choices and better value for money. You can use your ticket on First, Stagecoach, TM Travel and SCT buses.

    Where can you buy CityBus tickets?

    • CityBus Day and 7 Day tickets can be bought on most buses in Sheffield.
    • All 7 Day and 28 Day CityBus tickets can be bought as a smartcard.  These are available from smartcard ticket machines located in interchanges (excluding Adwick, Dinnington and Mexborough)

    Can you still buy single tickets?

    You can still buy single fare tickets from each operator as you always have done.

    Can you still buy specific operator tickets and passes?

    You can still buy a range of individual operator bus and tram tickets and passes. CityWide tickets for buses and Stagecoach Supertram are also still available. Search for tickets online using the online ticket finder.  

    For more information

    You can find information on the Buses for Sheffield page or visit one of the interchanges in Sheffield. To plan your journey you can use our online journey planner.

    *CityBus ticket valid on all services in Sheffield apart from dedicated school services (whether registered or otherwise). Full terms and conditions:

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