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  • Child tickets and passes

    MegaTravel pass Zero fare pass Great value operator child tickets  

    MegaTravel pass

     MegaTravel Pass image

    If you are under 16 and live in South Yorkshire you can get a MegaTravel Pass to prove to bus drivers, tram conductors and ticket sellers that you are entitled to:

    • travel for only 80p, seven days a week on all buses and trams in South Yorkshire.
    • get half price travel on local trains in South Yorkshire

    Find out more on the MegaTravel Pass page

    If you're aged 16-18 visit our 16-18 Travel Pass page.

    Zero Fare Pass

    If you are in education full time, and live more than 3 miles from where you study, you may be entitled to a Zero Fare Pass which gives you free travel on school days on bus, train and tram all day until 1900. 

    Find out more on the Zero Fare Pass page.

    Great value operator child tickets

    Visit our Great Child Fares page to see the latest tickets.

    There are some great value child fare tickets available from TravelMaster and Operators which may save you money, depending on the journeys you make:

    Search Ticket Finder now. You can then buy a range of tickets from our ticket machines in most Interchanges and via Payzone outlets.

    Great value child tickets

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