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Have you met Sonya yet? #AskSonya


Say hello to Sonya - a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help Travel South Yorkshire customers with queries about travel pass applications.

The chatbot, called Sonya, has been developed to chat online with Travel South Yorkshire customers, providing quick, accurate responses to questions about travel pass applications. Sonya will be available to answer questions round the clock and will continue to learn with every question she is asked, improving the range of answers she can provide over time. Sonya is named after the IT student who has developed the chatbot while working for SYPTE on a placement.

Initially, Sonya will signpost more complex queries on disruptions, journey planning, timetables and ticketing information to customer service advisors at Traveline or In the future, the chatbot will be developed to answer a wider range of customer enquiries.

Chatbots are digital assistants, powered by artificial intelligence, that can chat to customers online and provide instant information. 

You can chat to Sonya on our homepage.

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