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  • 16-18 Student Pass - Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q. What is a unique validation code (UVC)?
    A. A unique code which includes a combination of letter and numbers e.g. ABX15A1B1Q1. Students will need to enter their UVC when applying for a 16-18 Student Pass.

    Q. Where do I get a unique validation code (UVC) from?
    A. Schools, colleges and Training Agencies will provide students with their UVC at the start of the academic year

    Q. Why can’t I apply now?
    A. You can apply once you have your unique validation code from your school, college or Training Agency. These will be given to schools, colleges or Training Agencies.

    Q. How long is a 16-18 Student Pass valid?
    A. The 16-18 Student Pass is valid for the 2016/17 academic year (September - July). In your second year you will need to apply again.

    Q. What about students who live outside South Yorkshire?
    A. Sorry, these passes are only available to residents of South Yorkshire. Residents of other areas should speak to their local council to see if they will provide any help with travel costs. Alternatively visit the TravelMaster website: for details of discounted tickets that don't require residence.

    Q. What about students whose college is outside South Yorkshire?
    A. 16-18 year old residents in South Yorkshire who are in full time education are entitled to a pass wherever they study. Their pass will only be valid in South Yorkshire. They will have to pay a separate fare from the county boundary.

    Q. What about students who don't have access to the Internet?
    A. Paper application forms are available from our transport interchanges for students who can't apply online.

    Q. What about students with learning disabilities who can't use the internet?
    A. Although ideally everyone would manage their own My TSY account, there is no reason why a friend or relative shouldn't manage an account on a student's behalf or apply on their behalf by post or drop box.

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